Review: Valley of the Moon

Title: Valley of the Moon

Author: Bronwyn Archer

Date of Publication: April 13, 2016


Goodreads Summary:

Senior year is not going well for 17-year-old Lana Goodwin. Her father’s vintage car business is about to crash and burn, the nicest (and cutest) teacher at school was fired under a cloud of scandal, and her hot sort-of boyfriend may or may not have something big to hide.

She’s also totally over being the class pauper. It’s bad enough her dad was briefly married to the head of the board—the rich, cruel, impeccably groomed Ramona Crawford. What’s worse is going to school with her vindictive ex-stepsister, who never misses an opportunity to make her life hell. Not ever.

It also happens to be the tenth anniversary of her mother’s suicide. No one knows why Annie Goodwin jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge the day after Christmas. She didn’t leave a note. She wasn’t sick. Even Lana’s father can’t explain it. Ten years later, someone—or something—starts sending her clues about her mother’s past.

Before Lana can escape to college, she finds herself in a life-or-death race to uncover her mother’s long-buried secrets.

Can she claim her birthright before her future and her life are snatched away?

Valley of the Moon is a modern-day fairy tale with some intense themes.

My Review:

The cover of this book is so perfectly beautiful but make no mistake the story is centered around a darker modern day Cinderella story of sorts, but this is no classic and beautiful fairy tale. The story is set around Lana who seems like any normal teenager who works a job as a valet parking cars. Lana’s real mother died from suicide, and her father had been remarried to Ramona but is not longer with her.  Ramona is bad news as are one of her daughters Cressida, and her other daughter Eden is more like a real sister to Lana.


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Later on Lana goes to a party with her friends where she meets Caleb who is incredibly sweet and funny but obstacles keep getting in their way.  The book actually is pretty light at the beginning but things change.

Let’s just say mid story crap hits the fan, and I didn’t know what to think, but it had me hooked.  I was confused about one part and that was why Lana didn’t seem as upset as I thought a person in her situation would be.

Her dad also has this dealership where he sales cars and early on in the story Lana helps sell a car to this mystery guy named Alexander who appears later on in the story and is an important part.  Her dad is also an idiot at times even though he really cares about his daughter.  He gets mixed up in this mess with a guy named Victor where he owes a lot of money, and it brings Lana into this terrible situation.

The characters were pretty good, but I want to know more about them.  Caleb and Alexander are both still a mystery to me, Cressida oh dear I wanted to grab her and shake her she made me so mad, Ramona needs to go away, and Lana was a very easy character to like.

car chase

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I can’t give too much away with out being really spoilery, but a lot of action happens in the second half of the book, and it is a wild goose chase.  The book does end on a cliffhanger which has me anxious for book two.



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