Review: The Making of a Small-Town Beauty King

Title: The Making of a Small-Town Beauty King

Author: Savy Leiser

Date of Publication: February 18, 2016

beauty king

Goodreads Summary:

He wants to be the first boy to win the beauty pageant. She wants to destroy the pageant entirely. The world’s most boring town just got a whole lot more interesting. Once a year, the boring small town of Grey Acres perks up for its annual town fair. For champion Mathlete and headstrong feminist Stephanie Simon, this year’s fair means another year of pressure from her mother (an 80s beauty queen turned pumpkin farmer) to enter the fair’s beauty pageant. For college-bound convenience store clerk Jackie Almond, the fair just means the same old rush of customers buying slightly more interesting newspapers. That is, until a fateful meeting with a quirky guidance counselor informs Jackie that most colleges won’t accept him without something to make him stand out. Just as Jackie hatches a plan to become the first-ever male Fair Queen, Steph devises a scheme to destroy the pageant that’s offended her for years. What follows is an all-out war between Steph and Jackie, complete with pumpkin theft, sabotaged first dates, department store shoplifting, and paint-filled water balloon fights, all leading up to one Saturday-night beauty pageant the forgettable town of Grey Acres will always remember.

My Review:

I went into this book not knowing if I would really like it or not because it was out of what I normally read, but I can be biased no more to books because I really liked it!

The book is told in third person point of view which I also normally do not like, but it worked here, and it felt like a movie and could definitely be one that I would want to watch.  The book centers around Jackie who just needs that something extra for his college essay to make him stand out, so what does he do?  He gets the idea to enter a beauty pageant in the small town in which he loathes and to stand out as the first male to enter, but he enters it in secret, so he can not get disqualified.

Our other main character Steph wants absolutely nothing to do with this pageant, and it is all her Mom wishes that she would just give it a chance.  Her love is with numbers and math, and she wants this pageant sabotaged because she feels like it is degrading, but when Jackie and Steph join forces things change.

I must mention the side characters because in this book they were all amazing.  I loved loved Terry and Lizzie!  Can we have a future book on them?  Jackie’s best friend Logan was also one of my favorites, and he also needs his own book.  I loved that he loved to read!

The author was really good at funny lines that didn’t fall flat because for me I am hard person to find things funny, and I was constantly smiling to myself with the things these characters did or said throughout the entire book.  The quirkiness was just on point within all the pages.

Jackie and Steph really grew inside this book, and I felt most of the characters became a lot more open minded to things and the people around them.  For example Steph’s mom was another character that took a step in the right direction because I was not a happy camp with her at first.

This was a quick read for me, and I read it in only one sitting.  I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to laugh or just read something different.

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How does this book sound to you guys?


8 thoughts on “Review: The Making of a Small-Town Beauty King

  1. I really enjoyed this review. Especially how you mentioned about not liking these kind of books and which, for me, made it notable that this review wasn’t bias in anyway. This review does make The Making of a Small-Town Beauty Queen a read you want to read.

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