My Adventure At Golden Corral


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So first off the only reason we went to Golden Corral was my daughter had a coupon from her class at school for a free child’s meal, so I was like okay we can go out and eat and save some money. WRONG!


What a rip off. I should have paid more attention because when the lady with the “Kardashian braids” asked me what I wanted to drink I assumed it was included in that $11.99 price??? Needless to say she did not care of course.Β I had never been here before, so all I knew about it was that it was a buffet.

I should have took a picture of the main meal of stuff I grabbed, but it really doesn’t matter because it was terrible.


Anytime I see guacamole I am like oh yes!!! But really I should have been saying oh nooooo! Worst guacamole I have ever had in my life there was no taste and my mouth was on fire.


I didn’t think you could go wrong with a salad, but apparently you can???

red vel

After all that I saw red velvet cake, and I said thank the stars, but it was stale!!!! Also IΒ don’t even know what that mashed up stuff I grabbed was, but it was slimy??

ARwen meal

My daughter enjoyed her stuff… But how can you go wrong with an M&M?


My husband just wanted to get out of that dump.

So sorry but not sorry we will not be returning. I will give props to our waiter who was super nice though.

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Have you guys eaten here before?


22 thoughts on “My Adventure At Golden Corral

  1. Sorry that you had such a horrible experience, Candace, and the food certainly looks unappetizing. When we holidayed in Orlando a few years ago my kids adored Golden Corral and they used to beg us to take them there every day. We went a couple of times, and while my husband and I weren’t mad about the place, the food was actually decent and we thought it was good value for money. Guess times have changed or maybe different branches/franchises are operated differently? I don’t blame you for not wanting to return. BTW, your husband’s face is classic – made me laugh so hard. You can tell he is absolutely HATING it!

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  2. I ate at Golden Corral once and I hated it. You don’t get your money’s worth as far as food quality. I think I ate fries that were cold and pizza that tasted like cardboard. Nothing else looked remotely appetizing. From what I remember, the ice cream came out of the machine half melted and I waited in line for an hour to pay and get seated. It was an awful experience. I see it hasn’t improved over the years. That guacamole looks horrible. I thought it was mashed up vegetables. If you didn’t have tortilla chips on your plate and say it was guacamole, I don’t know if I would’ve guessed. And the cake with mashed up mystery pie looks terrible. Ugh! πŸ˜‚

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  3. I haven’t eaten at GC since the summer of 2013, in Orlando FL. I got sick from one of the many seafood dishes I ate. Here in AL, they don’t serve as much seafood, so I wanted to try it. It made me not want to step foot inside one again, even though the one here always has fresh food because the place is always packed. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

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  4. Box eateries can be tricky. My sons thought I should go with them to take part in their weekend ritual of eating at Shari’s (much like a Denny’s). Prepared for the worst, it wasn’t that bad. One just never knows.

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  5. Ugh, what an experience. For being on the low-end of dining experiences (my opinion), Golden Corral isn’t exactly cheap. $12 for dinner and, like you mentioned, that doesn’t even include a drink. So $14-15 minimum for truly sub-standard food. Blah. Sorry even the cake was a loser!


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