Poetry Time


This disposition of your dishonesty
Brings out the gloom in me
The bleakness shows the true insanity
My inner self has no where to flee
You have turned into something desolate
Think you’re the creature of the night
All I have to say
Is watch out for the light
There is no cure for me
My insides are tarnished
Why couldn’t you just see
Instead all you did was vanish



A ragdoll is all that I am
Oblivious to the world and all insights
A frightened little lamb
Sick of all the fights
Out of my eyes
Streams of red flow
No matter who cries
You will never try to see
Bruised like an old fruit
Forever my heart is


Stepping through the glass
Entering a world unknown
Anticipating a mouthful of wax
Reacting with an incandescent tone
I am alone
The appearance of reality fades
Fixated on the new dream world
All things begin to shade
Towards me they hurdle
I am alone
The attack becomes violent
Skin is ripping
I feel like a ball full of lint
Blood is dripping
I am alone

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