Poetry Time

The Unknown

Heaving inside my throat
Make it stop, make it stop
The dizziness is overwhelming
Spots are forming as well as spreading
Unable to see straight
No where to focus on any form
Terrified, Horrified, Anxious
A numbness begins to develop
This creation starts a ripple-effect
I feel so uneasy
Not able to move correctly
Speaking is gibberish
Is it a sickness?
Is it a disease?
Is it death?
Help is essential

Lost Feelings
When all I had was sadness
I thought love was impossible
My life felt like a huge mess
There was no one reliable
You were there to depend on
But that is what I thought
Emotions can not be pawned
From now on feelings can rot
As I grew older
I believed things could change
Instead everyone is just like the other
There is no variety in the range
Losing hope
Giving up Wishes
Forgetting dreams
I am abandoned
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