Review: Hidden Desire

Title: Hidden Desire

Author: Amy Patrick

Date of Publication: September 19th, 2016


Goodreads Summary:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Culley Rune is the perfect guy—as far as anyone can see. Inside, he knows he’s unlovable, unworthy, unwanted. He’s done terrible things in service to his father, the corrupt leader of the Dark Council–including playing a pivotal role in the mysterious new drug epidemic that’s sweeping the human population of the world.

Now that he’s lost his one chance at a real relationship, there’s no reason to change his ways. He might as well take his place at his mercenary father’s side. But when he runs into a strange human girl in the worst possible place at the worst possible time, he can’t seem to stop himself from getting involved, and he may have found the one person on earth who can see past his beautiful facade to the heavily-guarded heart that lies beneath.

In this sixth book of the Hidden Saga, as the battle between the Dark and Light courts rages on, the fate of the human race may lie in Culley’s hands, and the fate of his heart may rest with the last girl he’d ever have expected to breach his defenses.

My Review:

I have enjoyed this series ever since it all began with Hidden Deep. Nox has been my favorite guy, but this time around Culley comes pretty close. He is part of the Dark Elves and has not always been a good guy, but when he meets Laney she inspires him to really take a look at himself and what he has been doing.

I really like these elves because I have never read an urban fantasy book likes these before. My one pet peeve is that all the elves are beautiful and are models, actors, singers, etc. but I get it because they are otherworldly.

The romance between Laney and Culley was so cute watching it develop. I kept rooting for him even though he was an “S” dealer for his father which is a type of drug that is highly addicting. The point was he eventually wanted to better himself, and he really is a good guy even though he didn’t believe himself to be good enough for Laney.

We also got to see some of the characters from the previous books which I absolutely adored! There is also some interesting stuff revealed about a past character that was exciting to learn. I find this series so fun and addicting and hope Amy writes more!


Have you started this series yet?


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