When Books Get New Covers

I normally don’t mind a cover change because it is unavoidable, and sometimes it is hit or miss. For example the new Goosebump book covers are horrendous. I mean why do you got to mess with perfection?

My pet peeve is if you mess with what is on the inside of a book. I already knew the Scary Stories series covers had changed. My daughter checked out More Scary Stories from her school library and brought it home, and I was like yes!!! I opened the book to check out the illustrations from my childhood, and then I wanted to screech noooooooooooooooo!










Is this now Sleeping Beauty with a spider on her face?????


Is this the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz now?????


Is this a dog for sale????


Are we giving the toe a massage???


What is even going on here????

The cover change is whatever, but you can’t mess with illustrations inside that are a part of a books very essence. That is like taking even picture books such as Madeline, Where the Wild Things Are, Dr. Seuss books and putting new illustrations inside. It just doesn’t work!

The pictures just aren’t even creepy anymore! As my friend Erika from http://writeathomemothering.blogspot.com/ told me… they pretty much went from creepy to crappy!


What do you think of the new pictures?


23 thoughts on “When Books Get New Covers

  1. I absolutely LOVED these books when I was a kid. I thought they were so scary!! I’m so glad you posted this because I had no idea about a cover change or inside image changes. Like you said, those photos are NOTHING similar to the creepy pics they were before! What the heck? I do NOT like this change at all. I’m glad I still have my original Alvin Schwartz books for my little one, so he can see the creepy images I grew to love! Great post!

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  2. These were the horror books I grew up reading…that I read, trying to be brave, but was really, secretly, terrified after reading them. And I loved them, so I kept going back for more. I think that most of what was so terrifying about these particular books WAS those original pictures, so it is really disappointing to me that they have redone the drawings in the books, and made them so innocent.

    I had read an article about them planning to redo the artwork, but I hadn’t seen what it looked like. I was definitely sorry to hear that they were redoing it, but I was at least optimistic at the time that they’d do a decent job. Seeing what they actually did, though, I’m pretty disappointed.

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  3. Hmmm. I had a love/hate relationship with these books as a kid because I read them a lot but they also freaked me out lol. You’re right though, those new drawings aren’t even creepy. What fun is that? And I’m torn about the cover because that new one is nicer, but it’s also not nearly as creepy. I feel like the old cover is a classic lol.

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  4. I agree. Old covers are hard to say goodbye to, purely for the element of nostalgia. My BIGGEST pet peeve, however, is when a book cover is replaced by the actors in a movie or show that it has inspired. I mean….c’mon! That’s allowing modern pop culture to mess with the classics. 😩

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  5. Haha, thank you for the laugh. I completely agree. I grew up with these books and the illustrations MADE the books. I believe they were also part of what made them controversial–some parents weren’t comfortable with how disturbing those images made the book seem. But as kids, collected in the dark of a closet with a flashlight, those illustrations were shared with the stories. Shame they were changed.

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  6. !!! Do they think kids are suddenly very very sensitive? This was the best and most terrifying as a child but it was still age appropriate–how sad 😦 I hope we can still find the old versions in the library for kids, and publishers don’t condescend this way to kids in other books.

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