November Reading 2016

Books I am going to read in November:



Other November 2016 Book Releases:



What are you reading or want to read in November?


13 thoughts on “November Reading 2016

  1. Well, time is always a factor these days lol, but I am planning to finish Another (book I am currently reading by Japanese author Yukito Ayatsuji). After finishend that one I might switch back to the either Stephen King, Karen Slaughter or the Warhammer 40000 sci-fi universe. So much to do…so little time 😀

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  2. I read this post in my collection of reading from the blogs I follow. I thought that it contained some good titles of books that would be fun reading for anybody interested in them or for those readers who fall into the category of finding something new and different from what they’re normally interested in reading, as it might draw them to it. For me, either of those things resonate as a reader, and a general fan of books. I might like to find out some details about these books wherever I can get a look at it.

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