“The Illustrated Book of Sayings: Curious Expressions from Around the World” by Ella Frances Sanders.

Ella Frances Sanders compiled, wrote and illustrated everything in the cute and light-hearted little book called “The Illustrated Book of Sayings”.

The soft and colorful cover is even fun to hold. I’m not kidding.


I might be biased, as someone who writes phantasmagorical fiction, but sometimes at the end of a long day, I desperately need something like this to read for fun. And, it’s exactly what it claims to be-funny and sometimes puzzling sayings from around the world.

Each quote comes with a darling modern illustration on the right side with the quote in English and the native language, and the left-hand side of the book gives you a detailed explanation and a cute joke or literal take on the words.

It’s an easy, fun read. Great to wind-down with, and I feel like it would be a wonderful holiday gift. That said, it’s also kind of useful.

My favorite out of the book is the saying in Spanish “You are my orange half”. It explains that this is due to the thinking that no two oranges are identical, so the only match for one half is the other half. That’s extraordinarily beautiful in an ordinary way. And I think my husband just got a new nickname.

Find out more about the Author here , and more about the book over here. Don’t miss grabbing this one if you need an informative pick-me-up from daily life, or just want some new sayings to confuse your friends and family.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review*



You can also find me at http://writeathomemothering.blogspot.com/



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