Review: Crimson Dagger

Title: Crimson Dagger

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Date of Publication: September 20th, 2016


Goodreads Summary:

In this prequel short story, set before the events of Falling Kingdoms book 1, Prince Magnus is awoken by an unexpected visitor—in his bed. One look into her fierce, hateful eyes, and Magnus knows exactly who it is: Kara Stolo.

Ten years ago, as a scared little boy, he told a lie that irreparably changed Kara’s life. As a result, her father was wrongfully imprisoned, chained in the dark dungeon underneath the palace, where he was to remain until his death. Now, Kara is back to avenge her father’s punishment, and there’s more. Kara believes he’s still alive, and she needs Magnus to help free him . . . or else.

My Review:

This was a great short story for anyone that is a fan of the Falling Kingdoms series or of Magnus! I really liked the flashback part the most and being able to see seven year old Prince Magnus.

On his way to run away from his father and his kingdom Magnus meets a man who used to work for the king and his daughter, and they bring him back to his father who then takes away and imprisons the man while the daughter is left to suffer outside and most likely die from the cold. This occurs because Magnus was not brave enough to tell the truth, but he is so terrified of his father and for the way he has treated him that you can’t help but understand why a seven year old boy would lie about this.

Ten years later the girl named Kara is back and wants Magnus to help release her father who really was not executed and is still being held as a prisoner in the dungeon inside the castle walls.

I really liked Kara. We only see a little bit of her, and I hope to see more of her and her father hopefully in the series! What else can I say about Magnus except this story only makes me like him more!


Have you started this series yet?


4 thoughts on “Review: Crimson Dagger

  1. I also enjoyed this little snippet 🙂 I forgot it existed until a couple months ago, but it actually exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be too short for me to be able to appreciate, but that wasn’t the case.

    Great review! 🙂

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