November Library Finds

Each month we will try to feature local library books we found and enjoyed! This will mostly be for kids, as you can follow what we are reading based on our reviews, but if we come across something stunning, I swear to share it.

The reason for making this a regular thing is that we have a lot of smaller, hard-working libraries. If we can find these titles, you probably can too-should you want to. And I think libraries are often under-appreciated for everything they do for us. Our local libraries aren’t the largest or the most heavily funded, but they never miss a beat in ordering new titles and putting together both events and lessons for everyone from toddlers to teens and even adults. Most of what you need in life, you can find out through your library!

Now, to the books!novbooks1

Eric Colossal’s graphic novel series for young kids is called “Rutabaga: The Adventure Chef”. It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s well-drawn and features a cooking boy, so I’m happy. And my son loves it. He tends to be picky-anything that won him over will win me over. I’d of pictured the first book in the series, but my son read and returned it already!

In a different vein, and maybe for that age group and up, there is “Maybe a Fox” by Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee. Poetic and beautiful, if you have an animal loving kiddo or one fascinated by how intertwined we are to them, this is a great find. My oldest daughter saw the cover and was in love with it ever since. I mean, she loves all animals. She adopted a bat for her birthday. So there was no way she was going to put this down, and it’s a lovely, well-written tale.

For the much, much younger crowd…novreviews2

Il Sung Ba’s “Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit” is a gorgeous watercolor story about the changing of seasons, which is fitting right now because it’s finally visibly doing so. Simple short text your baby and toddler won’t get bored with, and illustrations you will want to stare at for hours.

“I Love Fall” is by Alison Inches and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata. It’s one of those cute, touch all the things texture books. My two-year old daughter loves these. Loves them to the point where she is kind of refusing bedtime stories without textures right now. It’s a short list of all the fun things you’ve probably already done this season, and lots of colors and new things to feel to keep your little one’s attention. It definitely beats some of the cornier Thanksgiving board books we’ve seen as far as celebrating this time of year and we enjoyed reading this one.

Enjoy the rest of your November, and go out (with a scarf on) and find some great books at your local library!


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