Multi-tasking While Coloring: “Tokidoki Postcard Book”

While I haven’t jumped totally onto the coloring as relaxation train yet, I certainly understand it. It was something I did mindlessly almost, there were no wrong answers in coloring. I had detailed coloring pages even as a teenager. It wasn’t something I even thought to pick up again as an adult until recently, when I received the “Tokidoki Postcard Book” for Christmas.


This really works for me, because I’m not just coloring-I’m decorating a postcard to send to a friend or other loved one. I think my mom-brain can no longer allow functions that don’t serve a known purpose.You get two sets of each design; a pre-colored one and one for you to fill in, which gives you 80 postcards. For under ten dollars, that is pretty good.


The designs are modern and cute, which is a Tokidoki standard, and armed with some colored pencils you will basically be set. I’m not even using my more expensive Prismacolors on these, and they look great anyway.

If you find that coloring helps calm you or are looking to give it a try, I recommend this postcard book. Once you’re finished coloring, you can send it to someone you care about, and hand-written letters are a joy to get.




2 thoughts on “Multi-tasking While Coloring: “Tokidoki Postcard Book”

  1. I ❤️ Tokidoki! I had a LeSportSac purse when they did the Tokidoki patterns…it was $80 for a tiny purse! They are expensive! I’m glad they are branching out…I have a Tokidoki Unicorno 🦄 phone charm and a keychain…and I have a couple Mermicorno figurines!


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