January Library Finds

We had a lot to choose from, it felt like the shelves had been restocked since December, and nobody had any trouble finding what they wanted to read: which is kind of a rarity. But, I’ll take it. Not a better way to start another year than with a book you loved.


There are two kinds of people. Those who love The Annoying Orange, and those that genuinely feel it is annoying (although, seriously, how can anyone keep a straight face during the “Screaming Rainbow” song?). We mostly love him here in our house. I sort of miss when they aired the series on Cartoon Network, even. My older two still get episodes via Amazon Prime, and my son grabbed “Annoying Orange #5: Transfarmers: Food Processors in Disguise!” by Mike Kazaleh and Scott Shaw with no hesitation. It’s funny, it’s stupid, it’s stupidly funny, true to the brand of the idea. My son loved it, and we put the other books in this graphic novel series on hold for him.

My older daughter chose a Harry Potter text, “Quidditch Through the Ages” by Rowling. Any fan of the Pottering world would like this book, she says it’s an excellent read on how the sport was played long ago, and how it is played in modern times. janbooks1

Feel like your kiddo needs more science in their life right now? “A Drop of Water” by Walter Wick walks children through the state changes of water and why certain phenomenon happens. It’s beautifully photographed on almost every page, both of my older kids enjoyed it. It’s a great time of year if you have a lot of local snow and rain to pick up a book like this.



My toddler rummaged through the toddler-spaced shelving and picked this board book herself. We’re fast closing in on the “between short board books and paper books” gap, so board books with longer stories are what she generally prefers. “Red is Best” by Kathy Stinson is a great fit for that stage.


It’s longer than one word or one sentence per page, but not massively heavy text, with a sweet story about a young girl who has her own special reasons for surrounding herself with her favorite color. I think my baby absolutely identifies with that, and this is her favorite book right now.


My husband doesn’t have huge luck in finding series titles that he adores. One he did love was Jonathon Stroud’s “Bartimaeus” books, which he introduced to our oldest last year. When we saw our library was holding another Stroud series, we just started grabbing them as we could find them, and he is on the third installation of the “Lockwood & Co.” series. He recommends this set to anyone who enjoyed the fiction of Riordan, Colfer, and Nix – and , of course, anyone who loved “Bartimaeus”. It’s a paranormal fiction story with some great world and character building.

Happy book hunting! Erika



2 thoughts on “January Library Finds

  1. I had no idea that Jonathon Stroud had a new series. Eeep! I mean Arrrrr! So very exciting. I loved Bartimaeus and his footnotes. Thank yer husband for recommending it and to ye for bloggin’ about it.
    x The Captain


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