Review: A Monster Calls


IMDB Summary:

A boy seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mum’s terminal illness.



My Review:

I really liked this movie, but be prepared to be depressed! As always, I could listen to Liam Neeson’s voice all the time. He just has that type of voice, and it worked perfectly with the monster.

This is a story about a boy losing his mother to cancer and trying to figure out a way to cope with it. Even by not seeing their whole past relationship, you as the audience can feel the bond between Conor and his mom.

The special effects were really good, and there were flashes of a couple of stories that the tree tells to Conor. Those parts were some of my favorite scenes with the cartoon type style.

Conor’s Dad is both likable and not, but you can tell that he is trying. I though Sigourney Weaver was really good too, but what was going on with the British accent?? Felicity Jones is becoming one of my favorite actresses because I can always feel her emotions. Conor had me feeling his rage and sadness especially in the destruction scene.

Overall, a good movie. Some kids may get scared or not understand the overall message, but I took my seven year old to see, and she loved it!


Have you seen this movie or read the book?


15 thoughts on “Review: A Monster Calls

  1. Omg Weaver’s accent threw me too. Glad I wasn’t the only one!! XD My only thing was the score. It was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I thought there were a few parts where there should have been at least SOME music in the background, but it was very blatantly silent & it just didn’t feel right to my ears/brain. But I agree. It was such a good film.

    Though I cried afterwards in the bathroom of the theater for a minute cause it reminded me how much I miss my grandmother that past just over a year ago & how much she would’ve loved it. TOO MANY FEELS OMFG

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  2. I went to see this last week and loved it. Would have liked it even more if I hadn’t been sitting next to a woman who’d brought her lunch in a carrier bag. Rustling in a bag is one of my pet peeves at the cinema.

    Anyway, the scene that really got me was when Connor’s mum has a funny turn and he doesn’t know what to do. Think I was crying pretty much from that point on. Agree about Neeson. He has an awesome voice.


  3. I read the book three years ago and my excitement couldn’t be contained when I found out that there was going to be a movie, because honestly more awareness should be raised as far as this story is concerned! Plot is amazing and its simple words have a deep meaning lying behind. Definitely one of my favs, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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