“Own It: The Power of Women at Work” by Sallie Krawcheck.



I had a couple of people cringe when they saw me reading this book. I think most of it was the cover. This is not a good design. It’s dated, and not updated in any fashion to make it unique, and reads almost like a late 80’s or early 90’s cover. We get it. You’re climbing the corporate ladder. In high heels and a red cocktail dress for some reason. Even the font seems a little awkward. None of it screams modern or useful.

The book is better on the inside, I promise.

I’ve been a Work at Home mother since the birth of my second child. And in that time I have had clients steal from me, low ball me on services, and hand design projects over that I’d worked on to another person. I have had to work on a magazine cover during an unpaid internship while in labor. Learning to stand up for yourself when you are in business as a female is super important. I was happy with what I learned in Sallie’s book.

This book was filled with advice and each topic was well separated and identified by the chapters and headings. And it starts off with why the hell we are great at working. Some of our natural traits like putting personal relationships first and being aware of risk are advantageous to have. It is not all you’d need in a company, but it’s part of what we all need in business and the economy (and THAT is the major point of the book).

Women have valuable contributions to make to our world of business not because they can play a male game, but because we can play it in a different way, and the multiple perspectives are great for ethical and profitable workplaces. None of the “mommy wars” bull plop exists in these pages (which is awesome because I tend to think it is non-existent since both sides of that actually need the SAME FAMILY FRIENDLY POLICIES) and there are several chapters devoted to entrepreneurship and what a wonderful thing that is.

It does tend to try to promote the author’s new business a bit much, but in her defense, it is about helping women, so it isn’t super distracting here. And there are even tips on how to speak up not just for yourself but for other women when then need arises.

You can even find tips on investing money.

I can absolutely recommend this book for any female who works or is even considering entering that world. Whether she works for herself or a company, this book can help. This is an important read from an author with years of experience, and I’m glad it found its way onto my shelf.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.*






2 thoughts on ““Own It: The Power of Women at Work” by Sallie Krawcheck.

  1. You’re right, it’s a shame about the cover because otherwise this sounds like an interesting and worthwhile book. Still, it did catch my eye because I clicked through to find out why on earth you had chosen to read a 1980s self-help manual!

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    • Hahaha! If they’d had some reason to do that throwback design in the text, I probably would have let it slide. But it wasn’t there. Such a shame for such interesting ideas to be in a package that doesn’t fit!


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