February Library Finds

I didn’t grab just Valentine books (since I knew I’d be writing this afterward, most likely) but I’m glad I didn’t limit our haul by focusing on that theme. I’d of missed the coolest stuff we found this month that way.


My eldest daughter really connected with Rosemary Wells’ Yoko character, and we read and reread those books to her when she was very small. My son loved Max from Max and Ruby: possibly because he was often led around by his older sister, didn’t like to talk much, and had the same mischievous grin…And the magic of this writer isn’t lost on our toddler. “Love Waves” is one of my favorites and it deals with the bond between parents and their children while they are away from each other. The ways the mom and dad keep them in their thoughts all day until they can come home and see them again is poetic but very spot on. It’s beautiful, and a great starting book for Wells’ work. “Max’s Breakfast” is a fun little board book, short and funny, and there are several like this (which are all perfect for very young readers). maxsbreakfast



Jose Domingo’s visually striking “Pablo & Jane and The Hot Air Contraption” was just what my elementary school middle child wanted in a book. The comic book intro and scenes are not too wordy and have a nice pop art surreal feel, and the rest of the book is an awesome page search for needed objects and stuff. The style here isn’t common for children’s books, but that is a such a shame because I love this kind of artwork and so do my oldest children.


For my higher level reader, “The Wild Robot” by Peter Brown is a new book (with, I think, a really cool cover) that she loved. It’s about a female robot waking up in the woods and trying to figure out the world. It’s as amazing as it sounds, and my daughter finished it in just a few days. I can’t give enough thumbs up for this novel approach at characterization and world-building. I’d recommend this for kids that are comfortable with chapter books, and anyone with a love for science fiction. I have a particularly soft spot in my heart for this one because I’m old enough to have grown up with Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, but seriously go get this book.




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