Review: The Shadows We Know By Heart

Title: The Shadows We Know By Heart

Author: Jennifer Park

Date of Publication: March 14th, 2017


Goodreads Summary:

Leah Roberts’s life has never been the same since her brother died ten years ago. Her mother won’t stop drinking, her father can’t let go of his bitter anger, and Leah herself has a secret she’s told no one: Sasquatch are real, and she’s been watching a trio of them in the woods behind her house for years.

Everything changes when Leah discovers that among the Sasquatch lives a teenager. This alluring, enigmatic boy has no memory of his past and can barely speak, but Leah can’t shake his magnetic pull. Gradually, Leah’s life entwines with his, providing her the escape from reality she never knew she needed.

But when Leah’s two worlds suddenly collide in a deadly showdown, she uncovers a shocking truth as big and extraordinary as the legends themselves, one that could change her life forever.

From debut author Jennifer Park comes a haunting and luminous exploration of love, grief, and the dangerous lies that can bind—or break—us.

My Review:

First off, I was so ecstatic with the Tarzan and Jane aspects. Of course, this time around it wasn’t monkeys! It was freaking Bigfoot, and there isn’t just one of them either.


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Leah and her family have a past that she wishes would just stay buried, because the emotion memories bring is too much. The effects have brought a downfall on her parents that has made them not pay attention to Leah or her brother Matt like they should. Leah knows about the Bigfoot, but when she discovers a boy that has been living with them, all sorts of doors slowly begin to open up.

I loved this story. There were emotional revelations, and the fact that there were sasquatch’s was pretty original, I felt. I loved Baby Bee, and if I could go hang out with her for a day in the forest, I would! I cared about the side characters, too, such as Matt, Ben and Ashley. I think Matt was my favorite.

The romance was sprinkled in with sweetness, and I found it adorable. I only wish the lead character would have done things a little different or not have lied about some of the things she did to other characters. Overall, this story was just what I needed, and I loved it!


How does this book sound to you?


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