March Library Finds

Happy Spring. It already feels like Summer here in Texas. So, we’ve spent a good portion of it at the air-conditioned book field we call the local library.

First, I wanted to share a couple of cute adult level books, because really I think I grab one book for us for every ten I grab my kids (most of that is they have more time to read, with it being a daily requirement at their school…That almost makes me want to go back to school). But I did manage to get two good ones this time.

The first I reserved, it’s comedian Jim Gaffigan’s “Dad is Fat”.


My husband and I love Jim. He’s relatable and centered in a large family. Few people understand the love and the flipping chaos of that these days: and trust me, those of us living it need some laughs. It was Gaffigan who said large families are like waterbed stores, they used to be everywhere, and now they’re just weird…Anyway, if you love his stand-up, you need this in your life.

The second book I happened upon by accident as I was leaving the library and went back around in line to check it out. “Murder in the House of Rooster Happiness” by David Casarett has a striking cover and it’s about a Thai nurse named Ladarat who has to act like a detective. It’s exotic, it’s thoughtful, it’s a wonderful little escape I recommend for people who love things in the vein of Agatha Christie, and it has such a wonderful viewpoint.


For my older children, we found “Arthur and the Golden Rope” by Joe Todd-Stanton, and “Futhermore” by Tahereh Mafi. Both high magical and adventurous, and dealing with the bravery it takes a young person to prove themselves. My son was very happy with Nordic based tale and lovely illustrations of “Arthur and the Golden Rope”, and for any child interested in that mythology this is a great pick.


“Furthermore” was more the speed of my eldest daughter, who was instantly in love with the cover art and opening pages. It’s a nice story for upper-elementary students, that is for sure.


And, finally, for our littlest reader, we chose a traditionally illustrated Easter board book. It’s longer than most, but the pictures kept my toddler still. Other than Beatrix Potter, we don’t have a lot of stories and art like this. The style is still around, but not as popular as in the past, so we liked the idea of introducing it to babies and toddlers. Jan Brett’s “The Easter Egg” is so lovely and intricate to look at that I could see an adult getting lost in the illustrations of this board book. Great find for the holiday that will be upon us soon.


Happy book hunting!








8 thoughts on “March Library Finds

      • Me too. So I stopped. Mainly bc I was never able to read them and I was only allowed to renew once. My library is awesome though and usually gets what you want extremely fast if it’s not available. I have rarely had to wait long. But at one point I had 32 library books, plus ARCs and books I owned, and I just couldn’t do it anymore.
        I’m sure I’ll be back to my old tricks in no time though! 😂🤣😂


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