“The Walking Dead: Invasion” by Jay Bonansinga, created by Robert Kirkman


*Kind of spoilers**just for people who want to read TWD comics and have not, this may reveal a plot moment not shown in the televised series. But, if you don’t care, or have read the early originals-you’re gold*

I’m a TWD fan. I read the comics on my Kindle when I can, the television series is a ritual for myself and my husband. We take some much-needed downtime to sit and enjoy a show we both love. It was the first thing we were able to watch when we moved all our things into our new home, and you wouldn’t think a zombie-ridden horror fest would evoke warm and fuzzy feelings, but it does for us.

So, when I was finally able to grab one of these books, I was not happy when I didn’t like it.

But, I don’t like it.

The zombie-details are okay, but just okay. Writing the undead is a challenge, but one of my first set of horror novels that handled it well was S. D. Perry’s “Resident Evil” series, and I really feel like she wrote it so well that I’m hard to impress now. This felt like I was getting a description from a teenager.

I didn’t like the characters. Lilly Caul, one of our mains, sucks as a human being. I’m not sure I could find anything likable about the lady who shot a new mother and her baby. I just can’t. And she makes bad decisions one after the other in this book that puts other people in danger. The people in TWD aren’t supposed to be angelic, well most of them aren’t. But you’re not supposed to want to punch the good guys in the head all the time.

The big bad here is insane. It makes Negan look like a girl scout. Maybe a mean girl scout, but still…It’s almost hard to process how broken this person is.

So, maybe I’m a bad fan, but I didn’t care for the taste of the novel. I have heard that I probably picked up the worst one, this being number six, and that the earlier installations give more information into the forming of Woodbury and its people-so I’ll look for those. And we’ll keep buying the comics and watching the series.





What do you think?

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