Review: Puddle

Title: Puddle

Author: A. Renee Hunt

Date of Publication: September 16th, 2014


Goodreads Summary:

Urban legends are told every day. We hear them and laugh, then they’re forgotten. If you live in the town of DeSoto, you can’t forget. Every autumn rain, there’s a reminder of something sinister, something deadly. If you aren’t safe in your home or traveling by car, you’re not long for this world. Every puddle could be an illusion, a trap for something waiting below. Be careful in the rain, especially when walking through a puddle.

My Review:

Puddles? Yes, you know after it rains, those tiny bodies of water! One would think let me splash in that with both of my feet… well not after reading this book. This was an awesome short story.

The MC Quinn was really likable, and I could connect with her even with the story’s length being short. She felt real, and I liked the bond between her and her friend Max.


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Now, when the action comes into play with the whole puddles situation, you wonder so is there something in the puddle or is it all talk? Well, once those hands get going, the creep factor sets in. The story left me wanting more, and I want to know more about these puddle people. This is an excellent short story that everyone should pick up and read. You might start avoiding puddles after reading! Book 2 please!


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