Review: Goblin Market

Title: Goblin Market

Author: Christina Rossetti


Goodreads Summary:

Experience the temptation, pleasure, punishment, and redemption of Christina Rossetti’s brilliant poetic masterpiece in this classic keepsake edition, gorgeously illustrated with Pre-Raphaelite paintings by Christina’s brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Published in 1862, this phantasmagoric tale of two maidens seduced by lewd goblin men provides a startling glimpse into the depths of the Victorian psyche. Full color throughout .

My Review:

So, I had never heard of this poem until after I read a couple of books featuring goblin themes and people kept talking about it. I am like… what am I missing here? How did I miss that???

I was lucky that Janet from was nice enough to send me the poem! I normally DO NOT read poems because the only poetry I understand is my own, and that is because I know what I was feeling or meaning when I wrote it.


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However, I loved this one. To me it read more like a story, and it was enchanting and dark, and the words flowed beautifully. The atmosphere had me sucked right in along with the sister bond. Plus goblin themes of course! If you haven’t read this one, definitely read it!


Have you read this poem?


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