My London Trip!

Our 2017 summer vacation this year was London, England. I was pretty excited!

First stop was Stonehenge!


Second stop was Legoland. This was for my daughter. I absolutely hate pretty much all theme parks. I hate standing in lines because all it does is make me feel claustrophobic. Needles to say… she loved it! I did, however, love the miniature version of the city that was build entirely out of legos! Amazing!


Drove around the city some!


Next stop was Bodiam Castle which was my favorite! This castle had me at moat. I also need that barn owl!


The British Library is A+. I scored my one and only souvenir because hey it’s Mr. Darcy. I am not a big souvenir fan at all!


Next stop was to check out the actual Harry Potter film set. Again for my daughter, but it was freaking great!


Overall, minus the traffic, it was thoroughly awesome! I am already ready for our next family vacation next year!


Where are you going this summer?


30 thoughts on “My London Trip!

  1. So cool! I want to go to London so bad one day!

    I hope your daughter really enjoyed LEGOLAND. My daughter went to the one in Orlando FL last year and really loved it (not as much as Disney World but that’s a tough comparison).

    I want to do an English castle tour one of these days! All that history!!

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      • I hate crowds … my anxiety doesn’t do well in crowds. We have been lucky though having lived so close to Disney that we have always been able to chose days that were far less busy. Often times only waiting about 5 minutes for everything. I would never go to Disney in the summer! EVER!

        Scotland is really high on my travel list! Darn that ocean I have to cross to get to all the places I want to go! lol


      • We didn’t really have winter break but I assume any time when local areas are out of school is going to be rough. There is a website that some guy made that shows peak crowds at Disney throughout the year and it was always helpful to us. I cant remember the name of it. Dads guide to Disney or something like that.

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      • Universal Studios has Halloween Horror nights which is supposed to be epic! But I have never been because … crowds make me panic.

        They do some fun things at Disney too more kid friendly. That time of year is actually a great time to go though.

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  2. WOW! Looks like you had a great time!! The Castle and the British Library would have been my favorites!!! *drooling* Actually, though, I feel the same way as you about souvenirs. To me the best souvenirs to bring home are the pictures you take. Those are what will really bring back memories of a great time.

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