Movie Review: Wonder Woman


IMDB Summary:

Before she was Wonder Woman she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, she leaves home to fight a war to end all wars, discovering her full powers and true destiny.



My Review:

So, I am not a fan of any comic book movie I have seen except for X-Men. I didn’t understand Thor except I did like Loki. I had to shut off Captain America, fell asleep during Iron Man, no to all Spider Man’s, etc. etc. etc. I take that back, I do like most of the Batman movies even the George Clooney one, even though he wasn’t my favorite Batman. My daughter wanted to see Wonder Woman, and I had to admit the trailer looked pretty good.

My number one complaint here is why does she have to walk around like a model the whole time? I get it, the actress was a model in real life, but when she is walking out on the battlefield with her perfectly shampooed hair all swaying with the wind and the model expression going on. Why?????????????? I mean couldn’t she at least have sweat or dirt or something? All the other women on the island looked like actual warriors! Especially the lady from Princess Bride! Other than that ridiculousness, I really liked it.

I loved the beginning with all the fierce women on the island and their awesome fighting moves. I need all those skills for myself. The dynamic between Chris Pine and Gal Gadot was pretty good, even though the romance was kind of off since Wonder Woman seems so robotic at times, but that’s just her awesome personality.

The ending was A+, and I even got a little choked up over a certain scene. If you like comic book movies already, you will probably love this one. If you hate comic book movies, check this one out because if I enjoyed it, you might too!


Have you seen Wonder Woman yet?



8 thoughts on “Movie Review: Wonder Woman

  1. I just saw this movie last night and I still have a movie hangover (which doesn’t happen for me often, in fact … I rarely even watch movies I just prefer to read).

    I have a special place in my heart for WW though … I have been a tad obsessed with her since I was in Kindergarten. I see your point though … about the hair/modeling though it is not something that even crossed my mind while watching the movie.

    But I definitely cried big ugly tears.

    I love it ❤

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    • I think I am the oddball though about that part lol. It’s just with guys they always have them all filthy and stuff lol, and I don’t know I just pictured her more muscular? Robin Wright looked pretty toned!!! Other than that small pet peeve it was awesome!! My daughter is already debating between being WW or Hermione for Halloween lol!!!

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      • seriously I am usually the first person to point out the ridiculous irksome things in movies lol (which is why I don’t watch movies because I don’t enjoy them) … I guess my fangirling got in the way on this one though :P.

        WW really is such a powerful role model for girls though ❤ So yeah maybe the constant "she's so hot" thing could have been toned down a bit.

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      • I used to watch movies all the time before I really got into reading again, and now I barely watch any! I did watch Beauty and the Beast though of course lol! WW is a way more better role model than Barbie, and I wish this movie came out when I was younger!! That’s also why I like X-Men because it seems both guys and girls have powers, but it’s more a team effort thing than like let’s say Batman saving the town while he has a “hot” different lady awaiting him at home or who he has to save. Lol!

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