Tower of Dawn: Cover Rant


So, I am beyond annoyed. We are still talking about a book cover? A freaking book cover? I normally see a book cover and am like that’s cool or like it could have been better. But people have been hateful and ridiculous over this. First, someone spent a lot of time into designing the cover, and whoever chose it whether it was Bloomsbury or Sarah J. Maas or her people or what… that’s what they wanted. Get over it, move on, and shut that door.

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Also, for the people that are like noooo the covers won’t match. Is that what you are really concerned about in life??? Is matching book covers???? The font matches perfectly for when they are displayed on a bookshelf! Even if it would have been Chaol’s face on the spine, would that really have even matched??? Try being a Type 1 diabetic with RA like my husband, or one of my good friends who has suffered from Chrohns since she was a child, my freaking nephew who is 5 and has had diabetes since he was two and takes multiple shots a day, or my daughter who had her first seizure at six months. There are so many more important things in the world to worry about than this!

People have been straight up vile and malicious over a cover for an author that they “claim” to love or adore instead of show support. This life needs to be more about the positive and the support of one another, not bashing. This rant could have been longer, but I am done.





26 thoughts on “Tower of Dawn: Cover Rant

  1. I hate it when people just look at the cover an’ judge a book without looking at the content. They just skip reading it altogether if the cover looks bad. Speakin as an amateur writer who makes her own covers (I don’t really wanna burden others with the task of making one for me), I try to make my covers as glossy, but I’d prefer if my readers just jumped into the book by reading its description or first chapter. That’s why even if I can’t make the best covers, I always do my best to write intriguing and interesting chapters since writing is my forte even if cover designing isn’t😁

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  2. I’m certain these people have no priorities! A book cover is def the least of my concerns 😂

    Anyway the book cover is amazing and it’s what’s inside that counts right?!

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  3. I can’t believe people are making such a big deal about this. We weren’t even supposed to have this book! It was going to be a novella. Just be happy we get more Throne of Glass and Erilea. If you hate the cover so much take the dust jacket off. Jeez.

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  4. Would I have preferred if the covers matched a bit more? Yes. Am I going to be one of those ranty haters about the situation? No. I’m kind of okay with this cover being a bit different because it is following Chaol, not Aelin, so it makes sense that it would not have the exact same cover style. And you pointed it out in your rant that the font style is the same, so that’s nice. Also, I will say that I love the colors utilized on the cover.

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      • I’m the type of reader where I have to have matching sets on my bookshelves. It bothers me otherwise. So when a series changes cover styles partway through it annoys me because then I have to buy the books all over again. And I prefer to have my series in the same format as well. It’s just more visually appealing to me.

        But again, this one should be similar enough that it will fit in all right with the rest of the set.

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      • It’s weird because I have The Winner’s Curse and Kiss in hardback, and I went back and bought the paperback of Crime since it was cheaper than the hb, but it was a totally different cover than the hardback, so that’s when I saw the paperback’s were redesigned from the hb after the book came in… Now that time I was irritated and should have just got the hardback or all paperbacks!


  5. Here! Here! So glad you said it girl! I’m a huge book geek and I love pretty covers, I admit it. But not to the point that I’d go on and on, like it’s the end of the world!! Like you said, there are so many other things (sickness, anxiety, depression, economical problems, the state of the environment, etc) that I tend to need what’s on the inside of the book more, in order to escape life for a while!!

    Now that being said. *clears throat* I really like the cover! All SJM covers have been gorgeous, and this one included (in my opinion). But even more is how beautifully she writes what’s inside, and how incredible her characters are! I’m just really thankful that SJM is putting out so many books a year!!! Yay!!!😃😃😃

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  6. Lol, if that’s what people are worried about in life…than I really must be getting old 😂😂 I don’t know what the other covers look like, but I think the cover on display in this post looks really cool 😀

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    • The other one’s have the main girl on the cover, but this one is another character’s book, so a lot of people wanted the guy on there I guess. I don’t know even when I was a teen I didn’t act like that over stuff!

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  7. Wow. I didn’t realize so many were being so hateful. Leah and I talked about our love for the series and being excited. We discussed the differences between the US and UK versions. We discussed which elements we liked better from which. But we weren’t hateful. Only love and support. =/

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  8. Honestly, I think the fact that the books aren’t going to match is completely intentional and it make sense. We don’t want it to necessarily look like a book in the series, because it’s not. It’s a novella in the same world but not necessarily the same storyline.

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