Review: Tarnished Crown

Title: Tarnished Crown

Author: Erin Watt

Date of Publication: 2017


Goodreads Summary:

The Gideon & Savannah Story. Takes place after Twisted Palace.
Weekly release until August via Erin Watt’s newsletter and, one week later, on their website and Wattpad.

My Review:

So, I love the Royals series. I automatically was not that interested in Gideon’s story to begin with. I think it kind of gave me a creepy feeling when I knew Sabrina was 15 when they got together, and he was 18. I have a daughter, so if she brings home an 18 year old boyfriend when she’s 15, I’ll tell him to get his butt outta here! I pushed my feelings aside and was hoping for it to be as good as Paper Princess with twists and turns.

This one was just kind of okay, and I did like Gideon and Savannah. But there wasn’t a lot that really happened, and even the moments between Gid and Sav, I was just like where is the magical spark????


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I can’t be too upset about the book because it was free through Erin Watt’s newsletter, but you can also read it here on Wattpad:

Overall, it is still worth a read before Easton’s book which my review was posted earlier for that book! And yes that one was awesome!


Have you read Paper Princess?


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