Halloween Women’s Costume Rant!

I freaking love Halloween. But seriously… the last freaking however many years it has been now sucks ball sack trying to find a women’s adult costume without it being some “sexy” AKA trashy costume. I posted the other day on my Facebook page about the stupid Chucky costume that doesn’t ever seem to go away. Where the crap are the real overalls?


If I want to be Freddy effing Kruegar, I want to be scary AF, not whatever the heck is going on here!!! It’s bull freaking corn!


This year my goal is Pinocchio, My choices are… crappy or corny… I mean why do they have to add a skirt???? Pinochhio is not a female!!! They take these guy characters and freaking put a dress on them which is dumb as dirt! If only I could sew! Also, I attempted to look for a black vest, apparently those don’t exist these days.


I don’t even have words for this one, except it’s pretty skeevy and sick to sexify child characters. I am usually all about do whatever the heck you want, because obviously the Freddy Kruegar one is a grown charcter, but the Harry Potter stuff, Disney characters, etc. is just gross.



I get it okay, sometimes people just want to be “hot”, which I find the original Harley Quinn costume to be completely still sexy even with being completely covered up , but then you get this one on the right that screwed it up—yet again!


No words…. No words…

I could sit here and post crappy costume pictures all day, but you get the idea. If I want to be Michael Myers from Halloween, I want the Onesey with the face mask and a fake knife in my hand, not a short dress while licking a knife that makes zero sense and does absolutely nothing for the iconic character.


I hate you costume makers!



Are you dressing up this Halloween? If so, as what?

72 thoughts on “Halloween Women’s Costume Rant!

  1. I went to a dress up party a couple of weeks ago (Mavel vs DC) and when I was looking at costumes I was thinking the exact same thing. All of the costumes for women were all “sexy” rather than just…normal. I was so annoyed!! I have a fuller figure, so these kinds of costumes DO NOT look good on me. I want to see more un-sexy costumes, ones that are true to character but can be worn by either sex!!

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  2. Omg! I totally agree with you! I loooove Halloween and love dressing up with my kids. I’m all about authenticity. I want to be a freaky character or A character, without showing cleavage or a lot of leg. If I wanted to dress sexy, I would just put on lingerie end of story!

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  3. I don’t do dressing up because all the costumes are sexy, I don’t have the body or umph to wear them. I love the old originals e.g. sheet over you for a ghost lol.

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  4. Oh I have been saying this for years! Where are the normal costumes?? It’s as if they believe the only “adults” that dress up on Halloween are fit co-eds at some frat party because regardless of the stupidity of most of those most normal women would not find any of those flattering at all either.

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  5. These are ridiculous! The only “sexy” costume I’ve ever bought was a Ghostbusters one, and I actually like it. For Halloween this year, my husband and I are dressing up as Waldo and Wenda from “Where’s Waldo?” All the other couples costume ideas were pretty ridiculous. And, my husband runs into a similar problem with mainstream costumes – They don’t make “plus-size” costumes for men! With Waldo, for example, the sweaters available on places like Amazon only go up to 2X, maybe 3X if he’s lucky. It’s so frustrating!

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  6. I have made this exact rant every time I am in a costume store! It is so annoying like men’s costumes are cool and genuinely look like the character but women’s for some reason are always uber sexy. Actually the worst one I ever saw was a sexy winnie the pooh costume! I mean shouldn’t we at least draw the line at children’s characters???

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  7. I have to put together my own Halloween costumes anyway. There aren’t really many options for women who are not super thin, which is upsetting. So my boyfriend and I are still discussing our options for a Halloween party we’re going to. Right now we have our outfits from the Renaissance Festival, a steampunk costume, or possibly Hogwarts students. Then again, I’m also thinking of putting together Velma from Scooby Doo. So, we’ll have to make a decision soon so we can put the finishing touches on our costumes.

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  8. Agreed! Whenever I’m walking into the stores I’ll see a small section of Halloween costumes for little children that are very childish such as bunnies, and then there are.. those costumes. Not my favorite.

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  9. It’s basically a season that went from scary to… giving an excuse for women to dress up trashy. But the thing that really bothers me is how cheap it all looks. If you’re gonna look sexy… at least… make it look kind of classy? I don’t know. The cheap fabric just makes it look even worse. Makes me think of the Mean Girls Halloween party haha.

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