Review: Sculpt Yourself

Title: Sculpt Yourself

Author: Savy Leiser

Date of Publication: November 2nd, 2018


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Goodreads Summary:

Lipamorph is the drug that lets you sculpt yourself. It’s how all the female celebrities in the mid-2010s managed to have such large butts while keeping the rest of their bodies thin. Now, Lipamorph has finally been legalized and released to the masses.
24-year-old Amber Stiles–a loud, passionate feminist stuck working in tech support–thinks it’s disgusting: another company trying to sell women an idealized body as determined by men. Especially now that her younger sister, Judie, has become hopelessly addicted to it.
As more and more women indulge in the drug, both taking control of their own bodies, and raising the standard for “beautiful,” Amber’s dissenting voice seems to matter less and less.
Especially since her new girlfriend, Kelly, is a whole new standard of beauty all on her own.

My Review:

What I really liked about Sculpt Yourself was how unique it was, like it’s sort of a thinking novel in a sense. I feel as each year passes by, our society becomes more and more consumed by beauty. What’s the next step? How can I alter myself  more to reflect the perfect version of myself?


Photo Credit

Whatever happened to being happy with the way your are and accept yourself for your flaws? Makeup is great. I love fun eye shadow, but now, even with makeup, it’s gooped and plopped on with so much foundation. In this Texas heat it would melt right off! Plastic surgery? That’s where things have gone too far, and it’s not hard to believe that something like this could happen one day.

Sculpt Yourself has a great cast of characters. It was character driven and they felt real, like people I could know in real life. They all had their flaws, as we all do. Because no one is perfect and no one can be. Whoever came up with the idea of perfect is a moron. Besides thinking about things, there was a twist along the way that was nice! I kind of wished the book had been written in third person since it had three main POVs, but that’s not a big deal. Overall, this book had great diversity, writing, snarkiness, emotion, and all kinds of things to think about, even after finishing! This is the second book I’ve read by the author that needs to be made into a movie!



How do you feel about altering the way you look?


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