November Reads 2018

What I’m reading:

These are my for sure reads this month. I’m going to be finishing up Kingdom of Ash and then doing a buddy read for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. I’m also excited to read an ARC of Serious Moonlight! I’ll read any contemporary by Jenn Bennett! Then my last read is to finish up the Curse Workers series by Holly Black, which I have loved! Oh, and I’ll also be writing for NaNo so a lot going on!!

Some November Releases:



What are you reading this month?

11 thoughts on “November Reads 2018

  1. Great book choices for November!!! I’m reading Coldest Girl in Coldtown too 🙊 Shocking!!! Also A couple of Candace Robinson ARCs…maybe I won’t name them, don’t want to cause an uprising!!! I’m supposed to do a buddy read with Amber Hodges, but not sure which book??? I’m listening to The Afton Morrison complete series on Audible, which I’m loving!!!! Hope I can do it all this month. It’s NOT starting out to be a good one. I think my writing dream is once again going to be put on the back burner. 😢

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