Review: Descent

Review: Descent

Author: S.G.D. Singh

Date of Publication: October 7th, 2016



The Infernal Guard: Descent rejoins our heroes eight months after the events of Emergence. Asha and her fellow trainees gather at Central Headquarters, located in North America’s western desert, to celebrate their graduation and receive their postings as full-fledged Infernal Guard members. But the time for celebrations are cut short when Asha confirms her long-held suspicion: The Prophecy, which foretold the birth of a Seer with the power to bring lasting peace to our realm, never meant her. She is not The One The Guard have been waiting for so many years. While hunting Underworlders in Las Vegas, Asha and her team come across a homeless civilian named Jax. Asha immediately realizes the mysterious girl is critical to their survival, and insists Jax accompany them despite her team’s protests and the civilian’s terror. Now, as the forces of darkness unite to capture their foretold Savior, Asha must lead a rescue team of her beloved friends into the Underworld on the mission of their lives. Because if they fail, hope dies with them.

My Review:

I liked this book even better than the first one! I love when that happens. The author has created some amazing characters in a unique world.


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It’s fast paced and packed with mystery and emotion and just a whole lot of fun. I seriously loved the addition of the new characters and getting to know each and everyone more. The dialogue was so good too, especially when it gets snarky. Snarky owns my life!

Let’s talk about the twists! Yea, there are some good ones and the writing is so well done! I can’t wait to read book three next because that ending!


What’s your favorite urban fantasy series?


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