Review: Tempt

Title: Tempt

Author: Natalia Jaster

Date of Publication: October 17th, 2019


Goodreads Summary:

Long ago, she loved a hero—until he became a villain.

Wonder is a wildflower goddess who knows about the magic of picking a blossom—but even more about the consequences.

She’d thought her history buried and forgotten. She’d thought she would never see him again.

She was wrong.

Now, on the brink of an immortal battle between rebel deities and celestial rulers,

Wonder must find a way to defeat her enemies. The key lays deep inside a magic, subterranean library filled with twisting corridors, forbidden books, and secret legends.

Yet trespassing through a deadly forest and breaking into an ancient library isn’t the problem.

The problem is she’ll have company: the devilish god from her past.

And he’s got his own agenda with her.

My Review:

I love this series! And I think this may be my favorite it in so far! Malice, Malice, Malice. He was such an interesting character. He was one to say whatever was on his mind, be it good or bad! And a lot of naughty things came from that Malicious tongue! Loved him!

Wonder has always been a strong side character, and she was even more so with having her point of view this time around. We get to really crack into her backstory and find out what makes her tick.

The swoon was glorious! That is the best word to describe it because Jaster writes the best romance scenes in the world! They are just so emotionally, explicitly perfect! Really, really loved this one! Now, I can’t wait to see how Envy and Sadness’s story will play out next!


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