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Review: Once Upon A Broken Heart

Caraval is one of my favorite series ever, so I was super excited to dive into this bad boy. Because Jacks is ahhhhhhh! Also, my expectations were pretty high when I started this, and I must say I was not disappointed! I enjoyed seeing the new addition of characters as well as appearances by a few characters from the Caraval series. I really liked being inside Evangeline’s head because she was easy to connect to, especially when understanding why she wanted to fall in love so much. The plot, writing, and dialogue were all on point. And after that cliffhanger I have to know what will be next!

Have you read the Caraval series?

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Cover Reveal: Frost Mate (Demons of Frosteria)

Who is ready for winter? Hot sexy demons of winter! Well, you’re in luck, today is the cover reveal for Frost Mate! It will be the prequel novella in the Demons of Frosteria series with Elle Beaumont and I! We are so excited to share it with you!


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He’s the captain, and she’s the trainee. Will a mission get in the way of their fated bond?

Captain Korreth spends his days training Morozko’s Army, wanting nothing more than to quash the Changelings as they wreak havoc on Frosteria. But when a new trainee enters the barracks, he feels an inexplicable pull.

New recruit Zira has one thing on her mind, and it’s taking out the Changelings that slaughtered her family. She’s full of vengeance, but she can’t deny how difficult it is to focus in the presence of the captain.

With tensions rising in Frosteria and the mortal world, Korreth and Zira must work together, however, it will take the strongest of wills to ignore the call of a mate bond. That is, if they even wish to.

Frost Mate is a sexy action packed novella and will sure to satisfy lovers of spicy monster romances while still bringing the reader on a journey into an epic world!

What’s your favorite thing about winter?