Myths & Legends: Release Day + Giveaway

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Today is the release day for the Myths & Legends boxed set! Get 20 books from 20 different authors in one boxed set for only 0.99$!

This is my stop during the book blitz for the Myths & Legends Boxed Set. This is the sixth and final post during this tour. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours.

Myths & Legends is a compilation of 20 Full-Length Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy reads currently available to buy for only 99c, including works from New York Times, USA Today, Bestselling, and various Award-Winning authors!

Myths & LegendsMyths & Legends

by Margo Bond Collins, N.R. Larry, Joanne Wadsworth, J.H. Croix, Madisyn Ashmore, Michelle Madow, Amber Lynn Natusch, Chrissy Peebles, Genevieve Jack, Siobhan Davis, S.L. Morgan, J.L. Hendricks, Lisa Manifold, Corinne O’Flynn, Andrea Pearson, Emily Martha Sorensen, Ever Coming, Sarah M Cradit, Rachael Slate, Olivia Wildenstein and Cael Percy

Genre: Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

Age category: Young Adult, New Adult and Adult

Release Date: 18 April, 2017


The MYTHS & LEGENDS Boxed Set is a compilation of 20 Full-Length Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy reads, including works from USA Today bestsellers, Bestselling Harlequin authors, and various Award-Winning authors!

Gear up for a collection packed with an exciting mix of undiscovered existing titles and brand new content! The pages inside are packed with everything from vampires, faeries, witches, and shifters to romantic quests, cities brimming with paranormal activity, secret societies, and ruthless villains.

With over a million words of fiction, this is your one stop shop for vampire and witch romance, urban fantasy, shifter romance, and spellbinding myths from more than twenty bestselling authors!

*Estimated Total Page Count: 5,000+

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20 books in one boxed set for only 0.99$!

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The Authors:

Margo Bond Collins

N.R. Larry

Joanne Wadsworth

J.H. Croix

Madisyn Ashmore

Michelle Madow

Amber Lynn Natusch

Chrissy Peebles

Genevieve Jack

Siobhan Davis

S.L. Morgan

J.L. Hendricks

Lisa Manifold

Corinne O’Flynn

Andrea Pearson

Emily Martha Sorensen

Ever Coming

Sarah M Cradit

Rachael Slate

Olivia Wildenstein

Cael Percy

Release Day Giveaway

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The authors of this box set are hosting a big giveaway to celebrate the release of the Myths & Legends box set! One winner will win a $100 Amazon gift card!

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During the book blitz for Myths & Legends there’s a tour wide giveaway! These are the prizes you can win:
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– Various signed paperbacks by the participating authors

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Review: Shimmer and Burn

Title: Shimmer and Burn

Author: Mary Taranta

Date of Publication: August 8th, 2017


Goodreads Summary:

To save her sister’s life, Faris must smuggle magic into a plague-ridden neighboring kingdom in this exciting and dangerous start to a brand-new fantasy duology.

Faris grew up fighting to survive in the slums of Brindaigel while caring for her sister, Cadence. But when Cadence is caught trying to flee the kingdom and is sold into slavery, Faris reluctantly agrees to a lucrative scheme to buy her back, inadvertently binding herself to the power-hungry Princess Bryn, who wants to steal her father’s throne.

Now Faris must smuggle stolen magic into neighboring Avinea to incite its prince to alliance—magic that addicts in the war-torn country can sense in her blood and can steal with a touch. She and Bryn turn to a handsome traveling magician, North, who offers protection from Avinea’s many dangers, but he cannot save Faris from Bryn’s cruelty as she leverages Cadence’s freedom to force Faris to do anything—or kill anyone—she asks. Yet Faris is as fierce as Bryn, and even as she finds herself falling for North, she develops schemes of her own.

With the fate of kingdoms at stake, Faris, Bryn, and North maneuver through a dangerous game of magical and political machinations, where lives can be destroyed—or saved—with only a touch.

My Review:

So, the first chapter in this book started out freaking amazing. I knew if the rest of the book continued on that type of track, it was going to be great! Things did derail, and it ended up just being okay for me.

The problem I had was I was kind of confused as to what was going on with the whole magic and addicts situation. I was more than a little lost with this world.

As for the characters, Bryn was actually a pretty great villain. I seriously had hate growing inside of me for this character. North was pretty awesome, and he was incredibly sweet. Faris… Faris… Faris… I don’t know. I didn’t like most of her decisions, and I just was not a big fan of hers, but I didn’t hate her.

There were some twists that I guessed before they occurred, but they were still decent. The ending has me wanting to continue on with the next book to see what happens! I think the next book has the potential to be better!


How does this book sound to you?

“The Walking Dead: Invasion” by Jay Bonansinga, created by Robert Kirkman


*Kind of spoilers**just for people who want to read TWD comics and have not, this may reveal a plot moment not shown in the televised series. But, if you don’t care, or have read the early originals-you’re gold*

I’m a TWD fan. I read the comics on my Kindle when I can, the television series is a ritual for myself and my husband. We take some much-needed downtime to sit and enjoy a show we both love. It was the first thing we were able to watch when we moved all our things into our new home, and you wouldn’t think a zombie-ridden horror fest would evoke warm and fuzzy feelings, but it does for us.

So, when I was finally able to grab one of these books, I was not happy when I didn’t like it.

But, I don’t like it.

The zombie-details are okay, but just okay. Writing the undead is a challenge, but one of my first set of horror novels that handled it well was S. D. Perry’s “Resident Evil” series, and I really feel like she wrote it so well that I’m hard to impress now. This felt like I was getting a description from a teenager.

I didn’t like the characters. Lilly Caul, one of our mains, sucks as a human being. I’m not sure I could find anything likable about the lady who shot a new mother and her baby. I just can’t. And she makes bad decisions one after the other in this book that puts other people in danger. The people in TWD aren’t supposed to be angelic, well most of them aren’t. But you’re not supposed to want to punch the good guys in the head all the time.

The big bad here is insane. It makes Negan look like a girl scout. Maybe a mean girl scout, but still…It’s almost hard to process how broken this person is.

So, maybe I’m a bad fan, but I didn’t care for the taste of the novel. I have heard that I probably picked up the worst one, this being number six, and that the earlier installations give more information into the forming of Woodbury and its people-so I’ll look for those. And we’ll keep buying the comics and watching the series.



Review: The Scarecrow Queen

Title: The Scarecrow Queen

Author: Melinda Salisbury

Date of Publication: October 31st, 2017


Goodreads Summary:

The final battle is coming . . .

As the Sleeping Prince tightens his hold on Lormere and Tregellan, the net closes in on the ragged band of rebels trying desperately to defeat him. Twylla and Errin are separated, isolated, and running out of time. The final battle is coming, and Aurek will stop at nothing to keep the throne forever . . .

Explosive, rich and darkly addictive, this is the stunning conclusion to Mel Salisbury’s internationally best-selling trilogy that began with The Sin Eater’s Daughter.

My Review:

I loved this series! This book went a completely different route than I would have expected from book one, and I like that it wasn’t what I expected! This time around, the book has both Twylla and Erinn’s perspectives. I do prefer Erinn over Twylla, but Twylla has a special place in my heart.

Leif is well… he is Leif in this book. I missed that Silas was barely in the book. I was not a big fan of Merek in book one, but he won me over in this one! Loved the side characters.


Photo Credit

The Sleeping Prince… Lets get down to business with the villain. I think he is one of my favorites of all time. I want to like him, even though there isn’t one single nice thing about him, but he is just so intriguing! He is pretty awful to Erinn, too.

I don’t want to give much away, but if you haven’t started this series, start it now!



Have you started this series yet?

Kickstarter: Princess Allee and Smile, Chewie by: Savy Leiser

About The Furever Home Friends:

The Furever Home Friends are all dogs who have lived in a shelter at some point in their lives, and have either found, or are still looking, for their forever home.

Through this collection of books and toys, our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of adopting animals from shelters, and to share the stories of animals who have gone through the shelter system. Our books teach children about a variety of social issues–including adoption, animal abuse, body image, disabilities, racism, sexism, and much more–through a dog’s perspective. Our stuffed animals are here to create lifelong friends for dog-loving kids everywhere.

The Books and Stuffed Animals:

Each book is an 8×8 full-color picture book. At the end of each book is a set of questions for kids, their parents, and even their dogs to discuss together, all about the book’s themes and messages. Each book also includes a page at the end about the real dog the story is based on.

Princess Allee

While living at the shelter, Allee dreams of being a princess. When a stylish young woman comes to adopt her, Allee thinks her dream is about to come true! But Allee soon learns that her new suburban life doesn’t include castles or crowns. It includes two dog brothers that she has to learn to get along with! Can Allee learn to feel like royalty even while living the average life?

Allee’s stuffed animal comes with her signature sparkly pink collar.

Smile, Chewie!

Despite Chewie’s friendly personality, he’s too shy to let the shelter volunteers take his picture! See, Chewie is stuck with scars on his face due to the abuse he suffered as a puppy, from a man who was prejudiced against pit bulls. Can Chewie find the confidence he needs to stand up to these awful pit bull stereotypes, and smile for the camera?


Samples of what the illustrations will look like:

Illustrators: Brenda Clemente and Christy Schneyman

Art Sample Allee

Art Sample Chewie

Every stuffed animal is approximately 12″ tall, made from huggable flannel and polyester fluff, and hand-made with love. Each animal comes with a personalized adoption certificate!

Stuffed animals for each book designed by: Lola Leiser


This Kickstarter campaign will raise the necessary funds to produce and launch the first two books and stuffed animals in the series. As the business grows, we will introduce new dog characters to the collection.

Help Savy get these awesome books out in the world because every kid should have access to these books!

Kickstarter Link:

Savy Leiser sent me both of the manuscripts to read, and I think they are what every child needs. I loved them. They are kid friendly, but they still show the real life aspect of how not every animal’s life starts out perfect.



Review: Portrait Revolution



Based on the popular international collaborative art project, this guide tocreating portraiture in multiple mediums and styles teams hundreds ofportraits with tips and insights on the artistic process.
Drawing from the works of thousands of artists across a variety of mediumsand techniques, Portrait Revolution demonstrates how portraiture is interpreted inmany different and creative ways, making it an accessible artistic subject matterfor anyone. Spinning out of author Julia Kay’s international collaborative, online”Portrait Party” community with nearly 1,000 engaged, active members, the bookfeatures hundreds of portraits in a wide variety of media including pencil, charcoal, oils, watercolors, and acrylics, as well as less traditional materials, likepastels, prints, digital media, and collage. Showcasing different styles from realismto caricature provides a revealing look at how artists approach and interpretportraits. Paired with tips and considerations for all artists no matter theirmedium, Portrait Revolution is a one-stop resource for techniques and inspirationfor those tackling portraiture.”

My Review:

This book was pretty freaking cool, and I am incredibly jealous that I suck so bad at art. There were portraits within done in all types of style whether, paint, needlework, ballpoint pen, pencil, etc. It was pretty amazing.

Another thing I found neat was that there would be a portrait of a single person, and then on the next page there were multiple portraits done of that person by other artists. You could see the diverse way that people can see that particular image and make it their own.

I also loved the notes within. This was a really great art book for anyone that loves art. Heck, I feel like even if you hate art, you would like this book!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


What is your favorite kind of art?

“Yellow Owl Workshop’s Make It Yours” by Christine Schmidt



This book covers a wide range of artforms, but it includes a lot of things seen in printmaking. I feel like I should mention that I was NEVER even allowed inside the printmaking studios at my colleges while getting my art degrees.

Actually, they barely trusted me to work the paper cutter.

But, seriously, printmaking was so involved and sometimes so dangerous that you couldn’t walk through the studio unannounced (acid washes, craft knives, and wood carving tools-you get it…) But, it’s beautiful, and the techniques here in this book are not hazardous to your health and safety provided you can carve things with an x-acto knife carefully and not drown in a paint bucket.

However, things like carving stamps and dye buckets are not particularly forgiving. I don’t feel this book is extremely useful for people like me who have multiple kids running around who are young enough to get into art supplies: I don’t know at what age they stop doing that, but none of mine have hit it yet…

But, if you have the time and the motivation, this is a great crafting book. It’s like having an instructor with you, it’s that detailed and I never had a question about how to carry something out. The author shows you how to make everything from a painted silk scarf to patterns on your blinds. She even covers Shibori techniques, which by the way, if I had enough time to myself to do that, that project is first on my list. So. Beautiful.

It also comes with lots of patterns for stencils or inspiration. For anyone really interested in getting into this,”Make it Yours” rocks. Just know that most of it is not a light hobby, and you need time, space, and special trips to your local art store to make the pretty stuff listed in this book happen.

I wanted to show a picture of my twist on prints which, in season-appropriate fashion, is on plastic cheap eggs. I used some of the elements of this book including a few of the design template ideas to put together something I could do with my time and could do safely with my children around (we used markers). The older ones even helped. A lot of the projects listed in the text are not things I’m able to complete, but I was still able to find a way to incorporate what I learned from reading it into everyday art.



There is a specific joy to making the things in your life, and other people’s lives,  beautiful in a way that only you can. I love books like this from masters eager to share that with people, and there is no mistaking Schmidt loves what she does.  The only other thing I’d say is that this is a very folk-styled art book. But it doesn’t force you to follow that style at all, so no points lost/gained for that, especially for my already artsy brethren who have their own styles developed.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.*