Release Day: Tik-Tok (Faeries of Oz)

Today is Tik-Tok’s release day! And it’s the final book in the Faeries of Oz series! Are you ready to meet Tin and Dorothy’s daughter, North, as well as see more of the seductive fae pirate, Tik-Tok? If you order the paperback, it also includes Lion’s prequel short story! More good news, if you haven’t started the series yet, Tin is FREE for the next few days and Crow and Ozma are on sale!

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Cover Reveal: Merciless Stars

Two sisters. Two loves. And a secret that can destroy them both.

For years, Silver has used her magic to draw the same human soul, Keelen, from the afterlife and place him into a wax raven she created. Each visit, her impossible relationship with Keelen deepened, leading Silver to want more than friendship. Yet it isn’t until after Silver and her queen sister, Afton, are forced to defend themselves from an enemy king’s guards, that Silver discovers a way to give Keelen human life and become Afton’s weapon.

Afton had never given her heart to another … until she met Ragan. Just when it seems she’s found true love, she must temporarily push her feelings aside and accept a betrothal contract from the enemy king to keep her territory safe. But when Afton uncovers a danger that threatens all she has built, the sisters must put a stop to it before everything they love, including their sisterly bond, shatters.

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It’s Freaking Release Day: The Bone Valley!

If there was ever a solo book of mine to check out, please check out this one! I loved writing it so much! The Bone Valley is hereeeeeeeeeee!

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He’s a lover. She’s a thief. A magic like no other will bind them together.

After the death of his parents, Anton Bereza works hard to provide for his younger siblings. Love has never been in the cards for him, especially after desperation forces Anton to sell himself for coin. And he has no idea that, beneath the city of Kedaf, lies a place called the Bone Valley.

When Anton’s jealous client plots against him, he is cursed to spend eternity in a world where all that remains are broken bones. There, Anton meets Nahli Yan—a spirited woman who once tried to steal from him—and his cards begin to change. But as the spark between them ignites, so does their desire to escape. All that stands in their way is the deceitful Queen of the Dead, who is determined to wield her vicious magic to break Anton and Nahli apart. Forever.

Perfect for fans of Kingdom of the Wicked, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Daughter of Smoke & Bone. The Bone Valley is one delicious romantic fantasy filled with swoon, enemies to lovers, and unique magic that you won’t want to miss!

“Whimsical and fun, The Bone Valley is a unique and intriguing story with relatable characters, wrapped up in a perfect happily ever after.” – Casey L. Bond, Author of Gravebriar

“Reminiscent of a Grimms’ fairytale, The Bone Valley brims with imagination.” – Olivia Wildenstein, Author of Feather

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Review: Once Upon A Broken Heart

Caraval is one of my favorite series ever, so I was super excited to dive into this bad boy. Because Jacks is ahhhhhhh! Also, my expectations were pretty high when I started this, and I must say I was not disappointed! I enjoyed seeing the new addition of characters as well as appearances by a few characters from the Caraval series. I really liked being inside Evangeline’s head because she was easy to connect to, especially when understanding why she wanted to fall in love so much. The plot, writing, and dialogue were all on point. And after that cliffhanger I have to know what will be next!

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Cover Reveal: Frost Mate (Demons of Frosteria)

Who is ready for winter? Hot sexy demons of winter! Well, you’re in luck, today is the cover reveal for Frost Mate! It will be the prequel novella in the Demons of Frosteria series with Elle Beaumont and I! We are so excited to share it with you!


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He’s the captain, and she’s the trainee. Will a mission get in the way of their fated bond?

Captain Korreth spends his days training Morozko’s Army, wanting nothing more than to quash the Changelings as they wreak havoc on Frosteria. But when a new trainee enters the barracks, he feels an inexplicable pull.

New recruit Zira has one thing on her mind, and it’s taking out the Changelings that slaughtered her family. She’s full of vengeance, but she can’t deny how difficult it is to focus in the presence of the captain.

With tensions rising in Frosteria and the mortal world, Korreth and Zira must work together, however, it will take the strongest of wills to ignore the call of a mate bond. That is, if they even wish to.

Frost Mate is a sexy action packed novella and will sure to satisfy lovers of spicy monster romances while still bringing the reader on a journey into an epic world!

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Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault .99 Sale!

Ahhh so Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault is on sale for .99! Also, the paperback is on sale for only 9.99!!!!

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A girl without answers. A boy who wants to help her. A mysterious museum that some see… And some don’t…

Perrie Madeline lives a simple life. Her only concern is deciding whether or not to let herself fully fall for August Hartley. That is, until a strange museum, known as Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault, appears overnight and people around her begin to go missing.

Determined to uncover the Glass Vault’s hidden secrets, Perrie and August will need to break inside. But soon, something sinister is on their heels, and they must find their way out of the museum before discovering what may truly not be for the faint of heart.

Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault is the start of a thrilling duology full of magic, danger, and romance. Perfect for fans of Penny Dreadful, A.G. Howard, and Kerri Maniscalco.

Release Day: Between the Quiet .99!

Today is my sweet paranormal novelette, Between the Quiet’s release day! It’s set in 2001 and there is an mc with a mime hobby, an awesome best friend, a swoony love interest, ghosts, snow, and so much more! And it’s a quick, fun read for only .99!

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Tuesday Collins has one dream and that is to become a mime … and possibly have her crush, Beck Barber, notice her. But when a sudden, life-altering event occurs, those dreams are stolen and life itself is put on hold.

One fateful night, a spirit comes to visit Tuesday to show her that sometimes you just have to go on with life. But can Tuesday find the will to move forward and chase her dreams, or will she forever be stuck in the past?

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Faeries of Oz Tin and Crow Sale!

If you haven’t started the addictive Faeries of Oz series yet, then it’s time to start! Tin and Crow will be on sale from now until July 5th! For this super limited time, you can snag Tin for .99 and Crow for 2.99! Enter the Fae world of Oz and discover what readers have been loving!

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