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Review: Pok Pok: The Drinking Food of Thailand

Title: Pok Pok: The Drinking Food of Thailand

Author: Andy Ricker with JJ Goode

Date of Publication: October 31st, 2017

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Goodreads Summary:

A cookbook featuring the rich and varied drinking food of Thailand (and the drinks it’s consumed with), with 50 recipes and travelogue-like essays, inspired by Whiskey Soda Lounge, Andy Ricker’s Portland, Oregon, restaurant. 
A celebration of the thrill and spirit of Thai drinking food, Andy Ricker’s follow-up to Pok Pok brings the same level of authority, with a more laid-back approach. Just as America has salted peanuts, wings, and nachos, Thailand has its own roster of craveable snacks: spicy, salty, and/or sour, they are perfect accompaniments for a few drinks and the company of good friends. Accessible and detailed recipes like phat khii mao (drunkard’s stir-fry), kai thawt (Thai-style fried chicken), and thua thawt samun phrai (fried peanuts with kaffir lime, garlic, and chiles) provide all the tools to create the food and the experience of Whiskey Soda Lounge at home.

My Review:

It’s hard for me to judge books about food because they all look pretty good to me. I haven’t had a lot of Thai food, or well, any Thai food to be exact. However, I am wanting to try some now!



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My main problem about this book was how dated it look. The cover is fine, but the pictures inside looked like they were straight from 1990, and not in a cool vintage way. The food still looked delicious, but come on, the image quality could have been much better.

Besides that, the book was put together well with good info to go along with each photograph. Recipes seemed easy enough, but I still can’t get past the poor pictures! But not a big deal since you can cook something without a picture just by following the recipe.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


Do you like Thai food?