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Review: Foundations of Drawing

Title: Foundations of Drawing

Author: Al Gury

Date of Publication: June 1st, 2017



Goodreads Summary:

From a leading art instructor at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, a complete survey of drawing as an art form covering its history, materials, and key techniques, alongside step-by-step demonstrations. 

Foundations of Drawing is a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the history, aesthetics, methods, and materials of the drawing medium. Throughout, clearly defined demonstrations provide easy access to the practice of drawing as well as the history and development of core drawing techniques. Richly illustrated, the book contains reproductions of the finest master drawings from the fifteenth century to the present. Unlike other drawing instruction books that focus on step-by-step lessons exclusively, Foundations of Drawing provides readers with the context and background to help understand just why these materials and methods are so vital for successful drawing.

My Review:

This book is a well put together book about learning about drawing, how to draw, the history of it, etc.

I really enjoyed the first chapter the most, just reading about the history of drawing and that part was really cool. The techniques the author offers are actually some good advice. I may even be able to draw a proper stick figure now. The pictures inside are perfect for use of seeing what the author is describing. Now, I did find myself zoning out sometimes as I tend to do with a lot of history books, so I did have to re-read some parts.

For me, I read this book because I enjoy looking at art, but I feel like this one is definitely a great tool for anyone that loves to draw and maybe wants to learn a little more skill!

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Review: Manga Art

Title: Manga Art

Author: Mark Crilley

Date of Publication: June 6th, 2017

image1 (1)

Goodreads Summary:

The world of manga (Japanese comics) has captured the imagination of artists, both aspiring and professional alike. Now best-selling artist and art instructor Mark Crilley presents the most complete look yet at the variety of creative options available in the world of manga. Crilley fills each chapter with gorgeous, original artwork created with a variety of tools (pencils, colored pencils, digital art, pen and ink, and more) and in a variety of manga-inspired styles. He pairs each piece with information on the materials used and the inspiration that led to its creation. Manga Art provides readers a one-of-a-kind chance to hear from one of the leading artists in the field of manga instruction, as he reveals the unlimited possibilities of manga and the creative secrets behind over 100 pieces of original, never-before-seen artwork.

My Review:

This is my favorite art book I have read so far! I absolutely am in love with this art. Especially that hair! Can my hair be awesome like manga characters????? This book had awesome techniques and instructions on how you could try to draw this type of art yourself.


Photo Credit

The cover is awesome as you can tell! The colors on it drew me in! I actually liked reading about each of the pictures. Sometimes when I read non fiction type stuff, I forget what the crap I read and will have to go back and reread. Most of the time I still don’t know what I read lol! But each paragraph was pretty interesting on what the author was talking about.

Even if you aren’t into manga, because I sure am not (but I have always liked the way the characters looked), you should check this book out!

About the Author:



Mark Crilley was raised in Detroit, Michigan. After graduating from Kalamazoo College, he traveled to Taiwan and Japan, where he taught English for nearly five years. It was during his stay in Japan that he created the Eisner Award–nominated comic Akiko on the Planet Smoo, which spawned a series of graphic novels and prose novel adaptations. In 1998, Mark Crilley was named to Entertainment Weekly’s It List of the 100 most creative people in entertainment.
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Review: Colored Pencil Painting Portraits

Title: Colored Pencil Painting Portraits

Author: Alyona Nickelsen

Date of Publication: June 20th, 2017


Goodreads Summary:

Colored pencil painter Alyona Nickelsen reveals how to use the medium to push the limits of realistic portraiture.

Colored Pencil Painting Portraits provides straightforward solutions to the problems that artists face in creating lifelike images, and will prime readers on the intricacies of color, texture, shadow, and light as they interplay with the human form. In this truly comprehensive guide packed with step-by-step demonstrations, Nickelsen considers working from photo references versus live models; provides guidance on posing and lighting, as well as planning and composing a work; discusses tools, materials, and revolutionary layering techniques; and offers lessons on capturing gesture and expression and on rendering facial and body features of people of all age groups and skin tones.

My Review:

Loved, Loved, Loved this one! But I can look at any art book and be amazed because it is a skill I lack as I have said in other reviews. The pictures in this book are brilliant, and it is great seeing past works of art and present.

I know I will never be able to draw or paint like this, but seeing the steps and the process is just beautiful. They also showed the painting of The Girl With the Pearl Earring, and how there is severe cracking from working with oil painting. I had no idea that oil paints could crack. It may be basic knowledge to artists, but it was cool to read about.


Photo Credit

Overall this book had excellent pictures and great tips for professional artists or anyone that just enjoys art!

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Review: Perspective in Action

Title: Perspective in Action

Author: David Chelsea

Date of Publication: June 20th, 2017

image1 (2)

Goodreads Summary:

Using the graphic novel format, Perspective in Action features 33easy-to-follow demonstrations to teach the major discoveries in perspective. Perspective is a fundamental element in the development of art and for understanding spatial relationships, but it is an underserved topic in the world of art instruction. Author and artist David Chelsea takes readers through the major perspective-related developments in history, teaching them how to re-create these same experiments by leading artists in all fields (including drawing, painting, and sculpture). Covering a wide-range of mediums (pen and ink, paint, chalk, digital art, woodwork, and more), Perspective in Action gives readers a more hands-on approach to perspective, as opposed to the usual theoretical presentations found in other books.”

My Review:

It’s like I’m so terrible at art, but I love looking and reading about it. This one was pretty interesting because it reads like a comic book. It kept my attention that way versus using long paragraphs about boring nothing.

Spatial representation is such a cool thing too because with every angle you get a whole different look at your intended object or scene. I love that this goes from the Renaissance to the Digital Age. Any time I see the words Renaissance, I’m ecstatic!

There were some pages on geometric solids which were awesome. Not that I can make one, but I might as well try. Even if you aren’t into art, this is just something cool to learn about. Even a way to see the world and objects differently.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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Review: Portrait Revolution



Based on the popular international collaborative art project, this guide tocreating portraiture in multiple mediums and styles teams hundreds ofportraits with tips and insights on the artistic process.
Drawing from the works of thousands of artists across a variety of mediumsand techniques, Portrait Revolution demonstrates how portraiture is interpreted inmany different and creative ways, making it an accessible artistic subject matterfor anyone. Spinning out of author Julia Kay’s international collaborative, online”Portrait Party” community with nearly 1,000 engaged, active members, the bookfeatures hundreds of portraits in a wide variety of media including pencil, charcoal, oils, watercolors, and acrylics, as well as less traditional materials, likepastels, prints, digital media, and collage. Showcasing different styles from realismto caricature provides a revealing look at how artists approach and interpretportraits. Paired with tips and considerations for all artists no matter theirmedium, Portrait Revolution is a one-stop resource for techniques and inspirationfor those tackling portraiture.”

My Review:

This book was pretty freaking cool, and I am incredibly jealous that I suck so bad at art. There were portraits within done in all types of style whether, paint, needlework, ballpoint pen, pencil, etc. It was pretty amazing.

Another thing I found neat was that there would be a portrait of a single person, and then on the next page there were multiple portraits done of that person by other artists. You could see the diverse way that people can see that particular image and make it their own.

I also loved the notes within. This was a really great art book for anyone that loves art. Heck, I feel like even if you hate art, you would like this book!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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Review: The Illustrated Book of Sayings



From the New York Times bestselling author of Lost in Translationcomes this charming illustrated collection of more than fifty expressions from around the globe that explore the nuances of language. From the hilarious and romantic to the philosophical and literal, the idioms, proverbs, and adages in The Illustrated Book of Sayings reveal the remarkable diversity, humor, and poignancy of the world’s languages and cultures.


My Review:

First off the illustrations really made this book cool. They are well done and are perfect artistic descriptions of the sayings from the country of origin. I wanted to read this book after I had a guest poster do a review of this book on my blog, and I am glad I chose to check it out.

I really liked the diversity within these pages because pretty much all of the sayings from these countries I had never heard before. The author describes each saying in a paragraph and writes about exactly what it means.

The one thing that bothered me was having to look at the right page first to see what the saying was and then going back to the left page to read the paragraph about it. I think it would have just been easier on the reader to have the picture and saying first and then the description on the other page.

This is just an awesome book that is pretty much for anyone even if you aren’t a big time reader.

Photo of Ella Frances Sanders


ELLA FRANCES SANDERS is a writer out of necessity and an illustrator by accident. She currently lives and works in the city of Bath, UK, without a cat. Her first book, Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World, was a New York Timesbestseller and is now, perhaps ironically, being translated into many other languages. She still doesn’t know exactly how it all happened, but things seem to be going OK.
She can be found at ellafrancessanders.com and various other social media places.
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Bookish Eye Make-Up

Eye Art by: Tal Peleg

So I came across this artist from my friend/sister in-law, and she is well aware that I love eye make-up and books, so when she showed me these I was wanting them on my eye like right at that moment.


She even had a couple of Stephen King stuff shown in the first two photos!!!



I am just so amazed that someone could do this because the eye area is a pretty hard area to work with, and it is so small. I am sure if I tried it would look like a big blob!


Places to find more Tal Peleg’s Art:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalPelegMakeUp/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tal_peleg/

Website: http://www.boredpanda.com/creative-make-up-eye-art-tal-peleg/


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