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Writer Interview & Review

I normally do not read non-fiction stuff at all, but I was very interested in reading a few sample chapters from Sarah Mueller, who is a blogger I have followed for a while! She is one to look out for with the book she is working on!

Honestly, I don’t know much about Eleanor of Aquitaine, but what I read was incredibly interesting! I just can’t get past girls getting married back then at ages 12 and 13… I just think about how immature kids that age are today, but it must have been much different back then.

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I have always wanted to live way back in the day, but maybe not that far back after hearing about all the history, but Eleanor was an amazing woman!! Also, she had eight kids with Henry ii!!!!! That’s a lot of kids! I love that she was an intelligent woman that women today should look up to instead of celebrities that really don’t do anything!!

What I liked best about Sarah’s writing was the flow. It was history, but it still felt like I was reading a story along with facts!

Writer Q&A


What do you like best about Eleanor of Aquitaine?

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Motion Picture Monday: Top 5 Foreign Films


What are your top 5 foreign films?

1. Amelie (2001)

This is one of those movies that I can watch a million times and never get bored of it.  It is fun, quirky, romantic, awkward in a good way, and funny!


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2. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

By looking at the cover of this one you may think that it is a friendly family film, but it isn’t at all.  It is dark yet hauntingly beautiful with creatures that are so magnificent and scary that they will stay with you for a lifetime.


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3. Let the Right One In (2008)

Yes there is a U.S. version, but the foreign one is way better even though the U.S. one is good too.  The relationship between the boy and the “girl” is very interesting, and it is one of the better vampire movies. (This one also has a book)

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4. The Orphanage  (2007)

This film I thought was just going to be the same old ghost story type of movie, but it is not.  It gave me emotions and made my chest pound with grief.

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5. Priceless (2006)

I am one that doesn’t like most comedies because for one most of them seem to try too hard, but I found this one to be really funny and the odd circumstances that the leads find each other in are hilarious.



What is your favorite foreign film?  If you don’t have one what is one that you would like to see?