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Cover Reveal: SOMETHING IN THE SHADOWS: A Halloween Anthology


For fans of Moon Called, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries.

 You’ve heard their folktales–saw the carnage they left behind–those creatures, the things lurking deep in the shadows, watching and waiting until the right moment to ensnare its prey.

Four authors dared to tell their stories in this unique collection of wonderfully haunting and frightful thrillers, and even dark romance.

Inside, you’ll discover tales of vampires, demons, and humans encountering spirits in these short stories that are sure to keep you up at night!






What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?

#SpecLitChat tonight @7PM CST


Join Katya de Becerra and I tonight hosting #SpecLitChat! This is for writers and readers to come in and join in by answering questions on all things speculative fiction! It’s a fun way of interacting with other writers and readers as well! You don’t wan to miss it!


Just search #SpecLitChat on Twitter to find us or you can also go to our Twitter profiles!

Katya de Becerra

Candace Robinson


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Review: Trick or Death

Title: Trick or Death

Author: Calvin Demmer


Goodreads Summary:

Halloween was the perfect time for Barry Steiner to put his plan into action. The only problem was not everyone in the neighborhood wanted to play his victim.

My Review:

I have yet to be disappointed by Demmer’s horror short stories! Seriously loved this one! Also, a hint… there’s one of my favorite creature’s ever in it!!

giphy (1)

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What impresses me so much is how Demmer always can put such great characterization in short stories! You get a bit of romance, a bit of horror, and a bit of awesomeness! Barry was a relatable character. I felt I would have done some of the idiotic stuff he did when I was his age!

The writing was on point, the setting was perfect, and I can’t wait to read more short stories from the author!!


What’s your favorite scary story?

This is Halloween!!!

This is Halloween… This is Halloween… This is Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought I’d share some awesome horrorish movies because…. it’s Halloween, duh! So here are 31 movies of awesomeness!



What’s your favorite horror movie?

Halloween Women’s Costume Rant!

I freaking love Halloween. But seriously… the last freaking however many years it has been now sucks ball sack trying to find a women’s adult costume without it being some “sexy” AKA trashy costume. I posted the other day on my Facebook page about the stupid Chucky costume that doesn’t ever seem to go away. Where the crap are the real overalls?


If I want to be Freddy effing Kruegar, I want to be scary AF, not whatever the heck is going on here!!! It’s bull freaking corn!


This year my goal is Pinocchio, My choices are… crappy or corny… I mean why do they have to add a skirt???? Pinochhio is not a female!!! They take these guy characters and freaking put a dress on them which is dumb as dirt! If only I could sew! Also, I attempted to look for a black vest, apparently those don’t exist these days.


I don’t even have words for this one, except it’s pretty skeevy and sick to sexify child characters. I am usually all about do whatever the heck you want, because obviously the Freddy Kruegar one is a grown charcter, but the Harry Potter stuff, Disney characters, etc. is just gross.



I get it okay, sometimes people just want to be “hot”, which I find the original Harley Quinn costume to be completely still sexy even with being completely covered up , but then you get this one on the right that screwed it up—yet again!


No words…. No words…

I could sit here and post crappy costume pictures all day, but you get the idea. If I want to be Michael Myers from Halloween, I want the Onesey with the face mask and a fake knife in my hand, not a short dress while licking a knife that makes zero sense and does absolutely nothing for the iconic character.


I hate you costume makers!



Are you dressing up this Halloween? If so, as what?

Join us for #BattyBookMonth


Come one, come all! October is approaching! You know what that means? Longer nights, cooler weather, and creepier, ghastly books to look forward to. What’s not to love about this month! Plus, there’s candy!

That all goes to say, that Moriah and I love Halloween! We love books (obviously) and decided to combine the two!

We want you to join in, too! Below, is the graphic that was created for the days. Candace and I split the days of October and came up with the themes. Save the graphic and share it on every social media site you own! Tag us in your daily posts and make sure you use the hashtag #BattyBookMonth so we’re sure to see all of your pictures! We will be picking our favorites each week and sharing them as well.


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For a little history lesson, the Celtic holiday was a celebration of the end of a full cycle. This was the time that the crops were taken in, cattle was brought closer into the towns, and signaled the first day of winter, November 1st. The day before, Samhain, was the time that the Celtic people believed the veil separating the mortal realm and the other side was the thinnest, the time when the dead could walk among the living. As a result, the Celts built bonfires to ward off evil spirits and to help them move on, as well as riding themselves of demons, fairies, ghouls, and other supernatural creatures. The Christians tried to eradicate the Celtic holiday and created All Saints Day to honor the saints on November 1st.

The Celtic tradition of Samhain never died out completely, and the celebration of All Hallows Eve began. Food and drink was left on doorsteps to coerce the supernatural beings into leaving the houses along. Soon, people started to dress up as the spirits and supernatural beings and went house to house for asking for “treats.”

Source and more information on Halloween!