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Review: The Hummingbird Heart

Title: The Hummingbird Heart

Author: A.G. Howard

Date of Publication: August 15th, 2017


Goodreads Summary:

Set 19 years after The Architect of Song.

Shortly after escaping a circus tragedy, young Italian orphan, Willow Antoniette, seeks refuge at The Manor of Diversions—a holiday resort in England born of a ghost story. For eleven years, she’s raised alongside the children of the resort’s owners: Julian, his twin brother, Nick, and their younger sister Emilia. Now that Willow is of marriable age, she’s determined to escape finishing school along with everyone’s efforts to make her a proper lady. The only man she wants to spend her life with is Julian, after all. Yet how can she tell him, when he thinks of her as nothing but a friend?

As a machinist and engineer, Julian Thornton prefers a governable life. He can’t allow his ever-deepening attraction for Willow to distract from his amusement park plans to lure a younger, wealthier clientele to their family’s resort. In hopes to escape Willow and find investors, Julian sets off on a transatlantic ocean liner headed for the St. Louis World’s Fair, unaware Willow has secretly stowed away on the same ship.

A tiny, mute orphan named Newton and a pair of haunted Italian shoes bring Willow and Julian face to face on deck. Forced to work together to solve the mystery of Newton and his vindictive, ghostly companion, Julian and Willow can no longer fight their untapped passions. However, time to admit their true feelings is running out, for the ghost and her murderer have enlisted them as unsuspecting pawns in a karmic game of cat-and-mouse that could cost all of them their lives.

My Review:

I have really liked all of A.G. Howard’s books. Morpheus is one of my all time favorite characters from her Splintered series. I also really loved The Architect of Song which was the first book in this series.

I love that each book can be read as a stand alone, but I think you should read each one because the first book connects to the second book, and it’s quite nice seeing characters from The Architect of Song. One of my favorite aspects about this book was the setting. I love the whole gothic atmosphere type vibe, and then the stuff about aerialists/acrobats had me entranced.


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The Hummingbird Heart has the perfect amount of swoon and sensual scenes where it isn’t over the top and mixes perfectly with the well thought out story. Julian and Willow were awesome characters, and I felt like they complimented each other and helped make each other better. There were some scenes that had me smiling and giggling. Anddddd I normally do not giggle!

This book was loaded with mystery, action, romance and addiction. I couldn’t put it down and kept wanting to know what was going to happen in different areas, with the romance, the mystery, all of it! I need to know what is going to happen in the next character’s book as well! I highly recommend this gorgeously written series!


Have you read The Architect of Song?


Review: The Architect of Song

Title: The Architect of Song

Author: A.G. Howard

Date of Publication: August 15th, 2016


Goodreads Summary:

A lady imprisoned by deafness, an architect imprisoned by his past, and a ghost imprisoned within the petals of a flower – intertwine in this love story that transcends life and death.

For most of her life, nineteen-year-old Juliet Emerline has subsisted – isolated by deafness – making hats in the solitude of her home. Now, she’s at risk to lose her sanctuary to Lord Nicolas Thornton, a twenty-seven-year-old mysterious and eccentric architect with designs on her humble estate. When she secretly witnesses him raging beside a grave, Juliet investigates, finding the name “Hawk” on the headstone and an unusual flower at the base. The moment Juliet touches the petals, a young English nobleman appears in ghostly form, singing a song only her deaf ears can hear. The ghost remembers nothing of his identity or death, other than the one name that haunts his afterlife: Thornton.

To avenge her ghostly companion and save her estate, Juliet pushes aside her fear of society and travels to Lord Thornton’s secluded holiday resort, posing as a hat maker in one of his boutiques. There, she finds herself questioning who to trust: the architect of flesh and bones who can relate to her through romantic gestures, heartfelt notes, and sensual touches … or the specter who serenades her with beautiful songs and ardent words, touching her mind and soul like no other man ever can. As sinister truths behind Lord Thornton’s interest in her estate and his tie to Hawk come to light, Juliet is lured into a web of secrets. But it’s too late for escape, and the tragic love taking seed in her heart will alter her silent world forever.

My Review:

Juliet has lived most of her life without hearing and has just lost her mother. While at the grave site she discovers a man enraged at a grave to which she discovers a very unusual flower that she has to dig up and take home with her. When she touches the petals a ghost of a man appears.

She is to be betrothed to Lord Thornton who she has hated but never met because she thinks he just wanted the estate. She goes to his estate and discovers a whirlwind of things and tries to learn what happened to her new ghost friend. Along the way emotions form and new deceptions arise.

I absolutely loved this book, and I loved the Gothic atmosphere set within. I really liked Juliet and the fact that she was deaf yet strong and determined to get answers. There was a lot of  mystery here and sometimes I thought I knew what what was going on, and sometimes I was wrong and sometimes I was right.

A.G. Howard’s writing was on point here. I loved the flow and the sensual moments that were not over the top between characters. There was a love triangle of sorts here and to me it was odd, but I can push that to the side, but I did love both of the characters. I was very fond of Juliet’s romance with one of them!

I normally don’t read any books with ghosts because I hate most of them, but the story was just so good, and I really liked the gypsy aspects wound within the story as well.

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