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Review: Heart of Ash

Title: Heart of Ash

Author: Kim Liggett

Date of Publication: February 20th, 2018


Goodreads Summary:

Ash may have escaped the immortal-worshipping cult that killed her mother, but the love of her life is still under its thrall. Dane has been possessed by his diabolical ancestor Coronado, a man who’s fabulously wealthy, dripping with fame, and the leader of Europe’s most dangerous immortal network. Dane begs Ash to join him at Coronado’s castle in Spain, and swears that his blood bond with Ash is stronger than Coronado’s hold over him. Ash is desperate to help Dane vanquish Coronado without having to sacrifice herself to the darkness. But when you’re all in, blood and salt, the only way to hold on to the light might just be by setting everything on fire.

My review:

I wish I had known about this series sooner!! I loved it so much!

There is dark and there is light, and I absolutely loved the combo of the two. Ash was easy to connect to and I seriously felt bad for Dane. He needs a hug, or two, or a hundred!

Liggett’s writing just has a way of sucking you in with great dialogue and fantastic wording! I highly recommend this original duology! My only complaint is I want an epilogue!



Have you read this series?