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Review: Emergence

Title: Emergence

Author: S.G.D. Singh

Date of Publication: January 30th, 2016



Seventeen year-old Asha’s days are spent training in martial arts, attending homeschool classes, and helping in the kitchens of a luxurious Miami resort which she seldom leaves. Until the night her grandfather arrives home mysteriously injured, accompanied by a terrifying stranger. Asha begins to suspect that nothing is what it seems when she is abruptly sent to Punjab, India to live with relatives she never knew she had.

Joined by her best friend, Lexi, and her newfound cousin, Nidhan, Asha is soon drawn to an unusual place where the three of them learn that our World is much more than it appears. And there is a good reason people are afraid of the dark.

Meet The Infernal Guard: Shape-shifting Jodha warriors, Seers of various psychic Talents, Healers, Illusionists, and weapons-creating Tvastars. They are the gifted few who fight to protect our realm from demonic Underworlders escaping the seven lower dimensions of Hindu Mythology’s Fourteen Worlds.

As the next generation of heroes from around the globe gathers to begin training, Asha discovers true love and a family in her friends and instructors. But something in the darkness knows that she alone possesses the rarest Talent of all. Now Asha must find the courage and strength to risk everything she has gained before a devouring evil like no other The Infernal Guard has ever faced destroys our realm’s very existence.

My Review:

I was so thrilled to see a setting in India! I would love to visit there, but for now, doing it through this book was good enough! The cover drew me in but the descriptions made me stay! I loved this unique take on Urban Fantasy!


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There were scenes that had me laughing! I’ve said numerous times that I get annoyed with a lot of female MCs but I loved Asha and being inside her head!! She felt real, strong, and easy to connect to!

This books was full of emotions and romance and wonderful world building! There were a lot of things that had me on the tip of my toes wondering what would occur next! Can’t wait to read book 2!


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