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Poetry Time: Hope

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So, I wrote this poem back when I was nineteen which I am sad to say was thirteen years ago! Anyway, this was one of the inspirations for my first book Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault that I wrote.


Rage burns from within

Emotion slips through

Pouring out the sins

Cruelty hovers over all

Wondering how you feel

Hoping to choose right

Falling into another realm

I see you

But you can’t begin to see me

The demonic creatures turn

They tear, tear at my outer layer

Please see me the way I see you

I feel your heart

I see your thoughts

You whispered in my ear

I heard the way you felt

It made me smile

For the first time in a long time

But then all things shattered

I was alone, but I wasn’t frightened

Just incredibly hurt and disillusioned

I don’t know what is happening

You were there

But were you there really?

This is all a game

Everything is closing in

I am forgetting who I am

A mannequin under control

I was told you would not do this

The chains crash down harder

Everything is going grey

My eyes clasp together

Is that you I see?

No, it is just a wish; a hope