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Check Out These Bookmarks!!

So, I have a book friend who I just found out makes some awesome bookmarks! She has a store on Etsy, and the prices are super good! Seriously, check them out and order 1!


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My eight-year-old daughter absolutely loves the feathered ones, she is actually using two at the same time while she reads the seventh Harry Potter book!


Did you check out the Etsy shop?


Reading… Writing… Depression… Anxiety…

My whole life has been a battle with myself. You are your own personal best friend because no one can get as deep inside your brain as you can. People may relate to you, but they can never truly know how you feel.


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First, as many may or may not know I suffer from migraines that alone affects my reading that is my one true escape. When I know that pulsating drum beat is beginning to take shape, I want my brain to ultimately be crushed so it ends already. That triggers the depression, but when it stops I am like why did I ever feel that way?

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The back and forth pull in both directions is never ending. I began writing as a way of escape the headaches and my dad passing away. Over the past year, writing has helped tremendously, but then you get to the people that tear apart everything you have built which is all part of the process when you want to succeed. So, I battle again with myself. Do I stop? Do I go on? Am I good enough? Am I that terrible? It’s trash! I’m trash! Screw these people it’s awesome! I’m awesome! Am I?

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Anxiety is another issue that I have had since maybe around seventh grade. I can’t talk to people in person most of the time unless I have known them a long time. It’s all just a mix of awkwardness, and I may come across as rude, but that’s not it at all. If I am in a middle of a crowd anywhere, it’s like shakiness sets in and I’m in a bubble with a loud echo where all the sounds blend together. I just want to scream at the top of my lungs and run out of the room. Since I self published this feeling has only intensified, so I try so hard to rope it back in.

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I’ve been a grown adult for a very long time now, and when I feel these type of emotions it’s overwhelming. Since I’m a mother, I try to keep it all inside and level it out piece by piece. I have to put on a happy face and pretend everything is okay when sometimes it just isn’t. The days that are good are really good, and the days that are bad are the end of everything. This post may be a bunch of crap thrown together, but anyone who suffers from something that affects their daily life, just know you aren’t alone.



Do you suffer from any type of illness?



Poetry Time



Lights quietly flutter

Snowflakes swim down

Nerves are arctic

Bells jingle in my head

The magic is all gone

A dreamer’s dream

A prayer’s prayer

A wisher’s wish

Yesterday has tarnished

Today evaporates

Tomorrow holds anticipation

Three places at one time

Here, There, Here, There

Into the sleepless eventide

Crushed by the sand

I will find my way out



December Reading 2016

Crystal Storm is the only book I have as a for sure read for December so far! I absolutely love the Falling Kingdoms series!

crystal storm


Other December Releases



What books are you reading in December?

Poetry Time

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!



Is she slipping this fast?
At such an odd time in her life
The obscene feelings feel utterly fresh
She begins to think
Nothing is all right
So do not say that it is
No more fights
Unable to resist
The stress and anxiety becomes a killer
There can be no cure
You can not sew her
Even if she is pure
Watch her neck bleed
The intense scratches appear
Love is all that she needs
She is not her anymore
A walking corpse
A haunting ghost
She has no force
Attached to a host
She screams and panics
No one will listen to her
So she grows more frantic
Until he takes her under
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What are you doing for Halloween?

Poetry Time


Up from the dirt I rise
Maddened over your innocence
Derived from all the cries
Decomposing and hurting from the dents
Scars are everywhere
Flesh is slowly peeling
When moving I feel the tears
I am lost without feeling
Reaching out at air
Creeping through the darkness
Walk up to me if you dare
All that will occur is a mess
Once there was love
Now there is anything but
Deranged I stand hovering
Biting and clawing at what?


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Leggings For Reading

Lularoe Leggings!

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to be super comfortable when I read because I can never get comfortable!

I had maybe one pair of leggings before I found these little clouds of the sky! They are super soft and feel like they are a part of my legs, so I do not feel the heaviness of pants weighing me down!

The best part is there are so many different kinds! Patterns are my absolute favorites!!

Yes the cost is higher than a cheap pair of leggings, but it is definitely worth it!!!!! When I have my leggings on I am all set to read! Lularoe makes other awesome clothes besides leggings as well that is super comfortable and cute!


I have my own personal unicorn as well!



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What do you like to wear when you read?