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Add Tin (Faeries of Oz, #1) to Goodreads!

Amber R. Duell and I have a fun announcement! We’ve been working on the start of a series, Tin (Faeries of Oz, #1)! We’ve been discussing the idea for a long time and finally started writing it! It will release toward the end of 2020, but you can totally add it to Goodreads here!


Tin is a dark and intriguing romance with Dorothy’s return to the fae world of Oz.



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Veiled By Desire Blitz Sign-Up!

If you’d like to help me celebrate and spread word about Veiled By Desire’s release day on November 19th, then this would be awesome if you guy’s could join in by signing up for the release day blitz!

Sign-up here: https://rrbooktours.com/2019/09/22/sign-up-veiled-by-desire-candace-robinson/


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