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Moving to another planet should be easy, right? For Bree, she believed this to be true. But when something sinister wakes aboard her spacecraft, Bree and her family discover that surviving passage through space will be anything but easy.

A Layer Hidden is a short story with a hint of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


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Download Lullaby of Flames for Free!

Hey guys! I have a dark and fun novelette that you can download for free on Amazon from December 21st – December 25th, so check it out!

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Cover Lullay of Flames

Cori has always been a bit on the strange side, but when a gate to Hell—literally—pops up in her backyard, she tumbles down, down, down in to a place filled with beasts waiting to reap her soul for the Devil himself.

Lucky for Cori, she meets Rigel and his gang of misfits who have been trapped for quite a bit. Together, they must formulate a plan to escape, or risk remaining down below for all eternity and burning forevermore.


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Review: Dying for an Invitation

Title: Dying for an Invitation

Author: Theresa Braun

Date of Publication: December 26th, 2018


Goodreads Summary:

Dacie returns to Romania where she’s ready to coax her invisible childhood playmate to reveal himself to her. Tension and passion fire up between them. Dacie’s mother spouts cautionary advice regarding the supernatural; however, Dacie shirks the warning as nonsense born from local legends. A lost letter lands in Dacie’s hands, suggesting the powers of the undead might have a grip on the family lineage. When her mother dies, so do the answers. And, Dacie needs the comfort of her unseen companion more than ever…

My Review:

Probably the best short story I’ve ever read. I’m hard to please when it comes to short stories. But this… this was so good!


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For a short story, Dacie was super well developed. We learn about her as a child, we learn about her past, and we learn about something she secretly wants. There’s a mystery companion who Dacie has known since she was a child, and the question is, does she give into that temptation or turn it down?

The ending was perfect yet I still want to know more. I want more answers and I want a sequel! This story was bloody brilliant and Braun is definitely my top short story author! Loved it!


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Review: The Poison Eaters and Other Stories

Title: The Poison Eaters and Other Stories

Author: Holly Black

Date of Publication: April 1st, 2010

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Goodreads Summary:

Pick your poison: Vampires, devils, werewolves, faeries, or . . . ? Find them all here in Holly Black’s amazing first collection.

In her debut collection, New York Times best-selling author Holly Black returns to the world of Tithe in two darkly exquisite new tales. Then Black takes readers on a tour of a faerie market and introduces a girl poisonous to the touch and another who challenges the devil to a competitive eating match. Some of these stories have been published in anthologies such as 21 Proms, The Faery Reel, and The Restless Dead, and many have been reprinted in many “Best of ” anthologies.

The Poison Eaters is Holly Black’s much-anticipated first collection, and her ability to stare into the void—and to find humanity and humor there—will speak to young adult and adult readers alike.

My Review:

I’m not the biggest short story collection fan! I can maybe name less than five collections on the top of my hand that I really enjoyed.  This one was decent. I loved some and thought some of the others were okay. I definitely prefer Black’s novels so much more!


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Let me start by saying my fave was the one that featured the character’s from Tithe! I could read about those characters for the rest of my life! All of the stories had fabulous writing and original character qualities. However, a few of the stories I just wanted more oomph from. But I definitely recommend it if you love Holly Black!



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Review: Trick or Death

Title: Trick or Death

Author: Calvin Demmer


Goodreads Summary:

Halloween was the perfect time for Barry Steiner to put his plan into action. The only problem was not everyone in the neighborhood wanted to play his victim.

My Review:

I have yet to be disappointed by Demmer’s horror short stories! Seriously loved this one! Also, a hint… there’s one of my favorite creature’s ever in it!!

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What impresses me so much is how Demmer always can put such great characterization in short stories! You get a bit of romance, a bit of horror, and a bit of awesomeness! Barry was a relatable character. I felt I would have done some of the idiotic stuff he did when I was his age!

The writing was on point, the setting was perfect, and I can’t wait to read more short stories from the author!!


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Review: Independence Denied

Title: Independence Denied

Author: Calvin Demmer

Date of Publication: July 1st, 2017


Goodreads Summary:

With Independence Day near, Brad Marshall is expecting another routine day at his job as a research assistant. Then he sees a peculiar creature on one of the screens at work. While the rest of the world focuses on a sudden rash of devastating natural disasters, Brad is transfixed by the image he’s seen. He refuses to give up until he knows what it is. The answer he finds, however, will change the world forever.

My Review:

This is the third short story I have read from Demmer, and I have loved each one. They are fun and just what I need in between reading longer novels. This is one that puts a whole new spin on celebrating Independence Day.


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There was some awesome creepiness to the story, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. The character, Brad, felt real again even though it was a short story. I don’t want to give too much away, but again the ending was just awesome!!


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Review: Unidentified Fatherly Object

Title: Unidentified Fatherly Object

Author: Calvin Demmer

Date of Publication: June 15th, 2017


Goodreads Summary:

Fred Garcia decides Father’s Day is the perfect time to find out what happened to his father. As he prepares to search the old, abandoned military base where his father used to work, he hopes for clues as to what might have occurred. Lights at the base, however, indicate that it’s not as inactive as suggested. Fred discovers the truth. Unfortunately, the truth is a dark and dangerous operation that cannot be unseen or escaped.


So, since this is a short story I don’t want to give too much away, but this one was really awesome. Even though this was a short story, I still connected with Fred and wanted to embark on his journey of figuring out what the heck happened to his father.

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What Fred discovers is a dark and unimaginable find. The writing was good and sucked me in from the get go, and I didn’t release it until that last word. The ending was excellent! This is a great science fiction/horror read for anyone that wants something different!


Review: Crimson Dagger

Title: Crimson Dagger

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Date of Publication: September 20th, 2016


Goodreads Summary:

In this prequel short story, set before the events of Falling Kingdoms book 1, Prince Magnus is awoken by an unexpected visitor—in his bed. One look into her fierce, hateful eyes, and Magnus knows exactly who it is: Kara Stolo.

Ten years ago, as a scared little boy, he told a lie that irreparably changed Kara’s life. As a result, her father was wrongfully imprisoned, chained in the dark dungeon underneath the palace, where he was to remain until his death. Now, Kara is back to avenge her father’s punishment, and there’s more. Kara believes he’s still alive, and she needs Magnus to help free him . . . or else.

My Review:

This was a great short story for anyone that is a fan of the Falling Kingdoms series or of Magnus! I really liked the flashback part the most and being able to see seven year old Prince Magnus.

On his way to run away from his father and his kingdom Magnus meets a man who used to work for the king and his daughter, and they bring him back to his father who then takes away and imprisons the man while the daughter is left to suffer outside and most likely die from the cold. This occurs because Magnus was not brave enough to tell the truth, but he is so terrified of his father and for the way he has treated him that you can’t help but understand why a seven year old boy would lie about this.

Ten years later the girl named Kara is back and wants Magnus to help release her father who really was not executed and is still being held as a prisoner in the dungeon inside the castle walls.

I really liked Kara. We only see a little bit of her, and I hope to see more of her and her father hopefully in the series! What else can I say about Magnus except this story only makes me like him more!


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