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Review: To Wake the Dead

Title: To Wake the Dead

Author: Sarah Lampkin


Goodreads Summary:

Brenna Whit teeters the line between the living and the dead. Now that she’s back for her sophomore year at Nephesburg College, she’s determined to focus on the waking world. But when her own soul is trying to kill her and a new Dead Dreamer is fighting for power, Brenna is dragged back into the world of the dead.

The Gatekeepers are doing everything they can to restore the power they once held over the town of Nephesburg. With a mysterious set of twins arriving in town to help them prepare, Brenna must decide what’s important: continuing to hide her secret or reveal herself and fight for what she believes is right. The decision could end up leading to a permanent death for Brenna so she must choose wisely.

Classes have begun…
The battlefield is set…
Let the fight for the Fade begin.

My Review:

An excellent sequel! If you loved book one, then book two is just as good, if not better! Brenna is still her awesome and blunt self, and Damon is still my boy!


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What I like about this series is it involves college life and these characters feel like real ones. They don’t have their life together yet and are still trying to figure it all out while having to deal with a bit of the paranormal! And I absolutely heart all the paranormal things.

The writing and dialogue was great, and the world building just so cool! Now, if only I could figure out a way to leave my body at night!


What would you do if you could leave your body when you dreamed?