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My London Trip!

Our 2017 summer vacation this year was London, England. I was pretty excited!

First stop was Stonehenge!


Second stop was Legoland. This was for my daughter. I absolutely hate pretty much all theme parks. I hate standing in lines because all it does is make me feel claustrophobic. Needles to say… she loved it! I did, however, love the miniature version of the city that was build entirely out of legos! Amazing!


Drove around the city some!


Next stop was Bodiam Castle which was my favorite! This castle had me at moat. I also need that barn owl!


The British Library is A+. I scored my one and only souvenir because hey it’s Mr. Darcy. I am not a big souvenir fan at all!


Next stop was to check out the actual Harry Potter film set. Again for my daughter, but it was freaking great!


Overall, minus the traffic, it was thoroughly awesome! I am already ready for our next family vacation next year!


Where are you going this summer?


New Zealand – Summer Vacation

New Zealand

So we went on a family trip to Auckland, New Zealand.  It has been a trip we have desperately needed since our 2008 trip to Dublin.  We haven’t had a summer vacation in a while due to purchasing cars, houses, health issues, but finally we made it!


Our first stop was food.  We are in another country, so what do we get?? Mcdonalds.  I normally don’t like Mcdonlds that much, but these fries were freaken awesome!  Guacamole, salsa, and fries?  Perfection.

Next stop.  Hobbiton!  It was so amazing because it was the actual film set where Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit had some of their filming done, and it was much bigger than I expected it to be.  Can I live here??

Then… Sheep World.  I adore sheep.  Probably because they are the cutest animals ever!  We also got to watch the dog round them up.  It is weird that you have so many sheep and that they listen to just one dog so well.

We also got to venture out to the Zealong Tea Estate.  If you don’t like tea that is okay because my husband isn’t a big fan, and I normally think most taste rough, but he loved the tea, and I did too.  The tour to see how everything was made and looking at the tea fields was so cool.  We got to try out five different teas followed by a tea infused macaroon.  So good!

We also got to go check out the glowworm caves, but there were no photos allowed which was a shame because it was to the utmost a beautiful site.  There was a lot of magnificent scenery to be had along with the cutest little library I have ever seen in my life.  Also I feel like that is one of the biggest garden gnome statues I have ever seen.  As for a graveyards… There was one on a mountain!!!

So this was a spectacular journey. I look forward to see what our next quest will be next year!  Now back home to Texas is pretty rough.  Can this heat just go away?


Where are you going for a trip this summer, or where would you like to go and why?