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Avocado Bliss Release Day!

Avocado Bliss is officially out in the world today! This book means a lot to me because Type 1 diabetes is a big factor in my life! But this story has more than that! It’s a journey with fun times too! Hope you guys check it out my and Gerardo’s story!

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Avocado Bliss Cover

Dacre Vinson has spent the majority of his life in quite the predicament—even the surf and his books can’t erase his Type 1 diabetes. But when Dacre’s family moves to a new Mexican town, an eccentric girl obsessed with trees offers him a job on the spot, leading to what could be the perfect distraction from his problems.

Salbatora Tames has one true love, her avocado farm. Her family constantly nudges her to be more social, but Sal much prefers the dirt, the sun, and the solitude. Besides, trees listen better than people do.

For Sal and Dacre, their job won’t stay easy breezy for long, not when an avocado delivery to Palenque, Mexico pops up on their radar. Together, they embark on a road trip across the jungle, where they form a tighter bond. However, as obstacles arise, their new-found troubles may lead to more woes than bliss.


Where would you like to take a road trip to?

Diabetes! Diabetes! Diabetes!

I don’t have diabetes myself, but my husband does. Before I met him I didn’t really know anything about it. He is Type 1, so there is absolutely no cure or getting rid of it. EVER!


This is just the stuff in the daily life of a diabetics own personal hell. Besides the insulin pens, he has the cheapest brands possible because even with insurance coverage to have a better brand is still a rip off. Also on another note there is not a generic prescription for insulin either. It is funny or rather not funny since if he doesn’t take the insulin he would obviously die.

Info on Diabetes!

Sorry Hansel, but you don’t develop diabetes by eating too much candy!


The thing is people just don’t get it. Diabetes isn’t just something you can take medicine in the morning for and you are good for the day. No! Sugar is constantly up, down, up, down, up, down. I now get the feeling that a diabetic feels like a bouncy ball or a yo-yo.

A diabetic checks their blood sugar, and the score is good…


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Just a little while later sugar is off…


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What I have learned is a diabetic can have more emotions in one single day than one person can have in their entire existence.

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Do you know anyone that has Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes?