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Review: Vault of Dreams

Title: Vault of Dreams

Author: Luke Taylor

Date of Publication: July 27th, 2017

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Goodreads Summary:

Albanland. Emerald hills and ice blue lochs, bordered by Nørds raiders and the haughty monarchs of South Angle, each dynasty eager to seize lands weakened by a civil war in which a usurper has risen to seize the cloven throne.
Morgance, Faer Princess of the Night.
And by her side, the fearsome Ultan Skölhammer, sworn Guardian of the Crown.
But Rhoswen, rightful heir to the throne, princess in exile, leads a final uprising from the depths of the forest, an uprising that twists together the lives of the most unlikely companions.
A notorious thief accused of a crime she did not commit.
A baird apprentice searching for the meaning of life.
A pair of brothers who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.
And a gypsy bound to the ancient artifact known only as the Vault of Dreams.

My Review:

I mainly wanted to read this because it’s a stand alone fantasy, and sometimes I am tired of everything being a trilogy or longer. Not to mention that cover captured my eye right off the bat.

When I started reading this, the prose sucked me in right away. I didn’t know each sentence was going to be so thorough and imaginative. So basically, I loved the writing and was blown away!

Vault of Dreams is told in multiple point of views. Sometimes this is a win for me in fantasy, and sometimes it’s a lose. But, each of the characters here had a unique voice, and I could connect to each one. The brothers were my favorite! The gypsy is a close second!

If you love world building, then you will get it here. I could visualize everything that I was reading. The action was spot on. There is some romance if you like that, but not too heavy. I even shed tears several times in this book!


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Overall, I would recommend checking this one out. I feel like if you liked the writing in The Star-touched Queen, then you will definitely like it here! I couldn’t put this one down!


How does this book sound to you?