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Poetry Time: Hope

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So, I wrote this poem back when I was nineteen which I am sad to say was thirteen years ago! Anyway, this was one of the inspirations for my first book Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault that I wrote.


Rage burns from within

Emotion slips through

Pouring out the sins

Cruelty hovers over all

Wondering how you feel

Hoping to choose right

Falling into another realm

I see you

But you can’t begin to see me

The demonic creatures turn

They tear, tear at my outer layer

Please see me the way I see you

I feel your heart

I see your thoughts

You whispered in my ear

I heard the way you felt

It made me smile

For the first time in a long time

But then all things shattered

I was alone, but I wasn’t frightened

Just incredibly hurt and disillusioned

I don’t know what is happening

You were there

But were you there really?

This is all a game

Everything is closing in

I am forgetting who I am

A mannequin under control

I was told you would not do this

The chains crash down harder

Everything is going grey

My eyes clasp together

Is that you I see?

No, it is just a wish; a hope





Poetry Time



Lights quietly flutter

Snowflakes swim down

Nerves are arctic

Bells jingle in my head

The magic is all gone

A dreamer’s dream

A prayer’s prayer

A wisher’s wish

Yesterday has tarnished

Today evaporates

Tomorrow holds anticipation

Three places at one time

Here, There, Here, There

Into the sleepless eventide

Crushed by the sand

I will find my way out



Poetry Time

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!



Is she slipping this fast?
At such an odd time in her life
The obscene feelings feel utterly fresh
She begins to think
Nothing is all right
So do not say that it is
No more fights
Unable to resist
The stress and anxiety becomes a killer
There can be no cure
You can not sew her
Even if she is pure
Watch her neck bleed
The intense scratches appear
Love is all that she needs
She is not her anymore
A walking corpse
A haunting ghost
She has no force
Attached to a host
She screams and panics
No one will listen to her
So she grows more frantic
Until he takes her under
Name Tag2
What are you doing for Halloween?

Poetry Time


Up from the dirt I rise
Maddened over your innocence
Derived from all the cries
Decomposing and hurting from the dents
Scars are everywhere
Flesh is slowly peeling
When moving I feel the tears
I am lost without feeling
Reaching out at air
Creeping through the darkness
Walk up to me if you dare
All that will occur is a mess
Once there was love
Now there is anything but
Deranged I stand hovering
Biting and clawing at what?


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Poetry Time


This disposition of your dishonesty
Brings out the gloom in me
The bleakness shows the true insanity
My inner self has no where to flee
You have turned into something desolate
Think you’re the creature of the night
All I have to say
Is watch out for the light
There is no cure for me
My insides are tarnished
Why couldn’t you just see
Instead all you did was vanish



A ragdoll is all that I am
Oblivious to the world and all insights
A frightened little lamb
Sick of all the fights
Out of my eyes
Streams of red flow
No matter who cries
You will never try to see
Bruised like an old fruit
Forever my heart is


Stepping through the glass
Entering a world unknown
Anticipating a mouthful of wax
Reacting with an incandescent tone
I am alone
The appearance of reality fades
Fixated on the new dream world
All things begin to shade
Towards me they hurdle
I am alone
The attack becomes violent
Skin is ripping
I feel like a ball full of lint
Blood is dripping
I am alone

Name Tag2



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